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Hey everyone,

we're finally back with a new DevDiary! In this episode I will talk about Fernbus Coach Simulator and the upcoming Modding Tools that will be released very soon, and we're taking a very first ingame look into our current "Project: CBS_Berlin" at Tegel (TXL) airport!

Let us know what you think!

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Von UndergroundBerlin

Hallo zusammen,

endlich ist es wieder soweit: Ein neues DevDiary ist da! Ich rede mit euch über den Fernbus Simulator, die Modding-Tools, die bald veröffentlicht werden und es gibt zum allersten Mal Ingame-Aufnahmen vom "Projekt: CBS_Berlin" am Flughafen Tegel (TXL)!

Wir freuen uns auf eure Kommentare!

Viele Grüße


Und ja, das hat weh getan am Anfang...

New DLC: Anniversary Repaint Package

Offizielle Ankündigungen
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Dear Community,

we're excited to announce the next DLC for Fernbus Coach Simulator: the Anniversary Repaint Package!

This DLC includes several bus paint jobs for the MAN Lion's Coaches and the Neoplan Skyliner with French, Italian, Dutch, and winter designs that Flixbus runs some buses around Europe with until today.

Release: June 20, 2017
Price: 1,99 € (price may vary in different countries and currencies)
Availability: Steam

We can't wait to get your feedback and hope you'll have fun with this DLC!

Best regards,