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Herzlich Willkommen in der TML-Studios Community! Bitte lies Dir die Communityregeln und Tipps & Hinweise durch. Wir wünschen ganz viel Spaß!

  • It's nice, but why it is not in the slide options @Mathias, Department Polish translations, see @Mathias and Gil our bug reports with photos. And the answer.

  • Zitat von Mathias: „The Maximum of the Slider is 90 but you can enter a value up to 170 in the text box. “ you have to manually for each game type, because it is reset for example, 110 FOV. a mistake . @Mathias Give the slider to the value of 110 , you will see better navigation and cockpit. 90 is not enough.

  • The FOV in the game can be set to over 110 , you will see more of the cockpit and navigation on the bus the whole. Do it for the 110, 90 is not enough, bad to ride @UndergroundBerlin. @wingo44 he is right.