Ankündigung Usedom DLC - NOW AVAILABLE

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    • Usedom DLC - NOW AVAILABLE

      Hey everyone,

      the Usedom DLC for Fernbus Coach Simulator is now available for all for free!

      The island of Usedom is the first free DLC for Fernbus Coach Simulator and contains two new destinations: The lido Ahlbeck and the city Usedom.

      Usedom lies on the Baltic See and is divided between Germany and Poland. Beside the two new destinations, the DLC also includes a new bus depot in the city of Wolgast including the Peene bridge.

      • Two new destinations - Ahlbeck and Usedom
      • Bus depot in Wolgast
      • Several routes to the different destinations
      • Peene bridge in Wolgast including train AI (train AI will be added with a future update)
      • Highly detailed replica of the Baltic See island
      • Interactive railroad crossings with train AI (train AI will be added with a future update)
      • Camping spots, lighthouses, and several small villages

      The DLC is now available for all via Steam and should be added to the game automatically.

      We hope you'll have a lot of fun! Please don't forget to leave your feedback: Usedom DLC - Feedback

      Best regards,

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