200.000 sold units of Fernbus Simulator

Fernbus Simulator from TML Studios, under the Paderborn publisher Aerosoft, has sold 200,000 copies. On the occasion of this impressive success, Winfried Diekmann (Managing Director of Aerosoft) presented an award to TML Studios (developer of the game):

Since the release of the title in August 2016, numerous add-ons have been put out. These include, for example, the first free DLC “Fernbus Simulator – Usedom”, in which the players transport vacationers to the Baltic Sea beach of Ahlbeck, or the paid add-on “Fernbus Simulator – France” with 29 new cities and more than 1,800 kilometres of road.

Get on the bus and let your mind wander while you let picturesque landscapes pass by and be transported comfortably to your destination: what sounds like relaxation to the animated passengers means for the bus driver of the MAN coach Lion’s Coach or Lion’s Coach C. interesting and varied work. Check-in and ticket sales, driving on country roads and highways, standing in a traffic jam, keeping an eye on speed and more in a cockpit true to the original. Fernbus Simulator was developed in cooperation with FlixBus and offers around 20,000 km of the German FlixBus route network with more than 40 cities.

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