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New DLC: W906
A new bus DLC is available for purchase from now on! Initially only available for Tourist Bus Simulator and later for Fernbus Simulator as well, it is perfect for narrow streets and for comfortably transporting your passengers. The price for this dream piece is € 7.95 or your regional equivalent. Read more about it here!...
Update 24 for Fernbus Simulator
A new update for Fernbus Simulator is now available! Apart from the fact that we added Flensburg in the north of Germany and the active gear can now be seen in the minimap, we have of course also fixed a lot of errors. Especially all these wild trees. Distance fields now give the game more...
Update 7 for Tourist Bus Simulator: Now Available
A new Update for Tourist Bus Simulator is now available! In Update 7 we switch to a new version of Unreal Engine 4 (please make backup copies of your saved files before the update, as they will no longer be backwards compatible with Update 6). We have improved the performance a bit and made final...
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