Skin FBTC 1.0 - Fernbus Simulator 1.0

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Skin Familia Brazil Truck Club for Ferbus Simulator

- Description in English:

It's with great pleasure and pride that I bring to all of you, the fully customized skin of Family Brazil Truck Club.

To install, simply extract the "FBTC" folder to "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fernbus Simulator\Fernbus\Content\Vehicles\MAN_LionsCoach\Repaints". After adding, in the game, choose "Custom" and select the FBTC skin. I hope you all have fun and enjoy your time.

- Descrição em português Brasil

Com grande prazer e orgulho venho trazer para os amigos a skin totalmente personalizada da Familia Brazil Truck Club.

Para instalar basta extrair a pasta "FBTC" em "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fernbus Simulator\Fernbus\Content\Vehicles\MAN_LionsCoach\Repaints".
Após adicionar, no jogo escolha a opção "custon" e selecione a skin FBTC.

Video da Skin FBTC para Fernbus 1.0

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