Gontijo 6x2 Skin by: AlanGoncalves 1.0.0

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Skin da empresa brasileira Gontijo by: AlanGoncalves

- Description in English:

--Skin Gontijo 6x2-

To install, simply extract the "Gontijo" folder to "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fernbus Simulator\Fernbus\Content\Vehicles\MAN_LionsCoach_C\Repaints". After adding, in the game, choose "Custom" and select the Gontijo skin.

I hope you all have fun and enjoy your time.

- Descrição em português Brasil

Skin da empresa brasileira Viação Gontijo.

Para instalar basta extrair a pasta "Gontijo" em "SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Fernbus Simulator\Fernbus\Content\Vehicles\MAN_LionsCoach_C\Repaints".
Após adicionar, no jogo escolha a opção "custon" e selecione a skin Gontijo.

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Alan Gonçalves
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

  • ust missed the black wheels haha, but was perfect the skin