PolskiBus Repaint For MAN LionsCoach C 1.0.0

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PolskiBus Repaint For MAN LionsCoach C

My first attempt at an official repaint to download is the PolskiBus repaint for the MAN LionsCoach C.

This is not a mirror like for like of the PolskiBus livery but more an adaptation due to editing restrictions on the windows etc.

My first effort so all feedback welcome and any issues let me know.

[Blocked Image: http://s15.postimg.org/4zo465ywb/image.png]

  • cool but add on the sides, a bird, and caps to give the bolts and chrome, on the front to give the Polish flag

    • I originally had the bird logo but it looked a little small and we cant repaint over the windows, I will try it again. What do you mean with the wheels ? Bit lost in translation. Would you rather chrome wheels?

    • Yes rather chrome, and screws.

    • ok, will work on version 1.01 over time.