CBS 2010 - Update 1.4.1

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Contains a World Editor to create own maps and more.

City Bus Simulator 2010 - New York Update 1.4.1

IMPORTANT: Requires the BUS Update 1.3 to be installed!
ATTENTION: A new online activation is required after updating to version 1.4.1.

Extract the downloaded ZIP file and run the EXE file. Follow the instructions of the installer.


  • World Editor: Create your own maps (track incl. missions), objects and vehicles (all noncommercial). The World Editor can be launched by pressing CTRL+N.
  • Logitech Racing Wheel G25 and G27: Troubleshooting of unrecognized pedals / steering wheel, now with full 900 ° support.
  • Wiper function has been outsourced, Rain drops can now roll off the windows in the add-on buses too and be wiped away by the wipers.
  • Trailing axles are now possible. They can now be set in stringtables.
  • Traffic cameras now only trigger when passing red lights.
  • "Stop Requested" will not be activated after the doors are opened and the side mirror was used.