G29 Settings for Fernbus 1.17

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Much smoother steering now, almost all common taks can be done with buttons on the wheel.

New settings for the G29. Tested with the MAN Lion´s Coach. Much smoother steering. You can control most things from the wheel.
Key bindings as follows:
Start-Stop= O
Indicator up-down (right-left) = R3-L3
Aircondition on-of = R2
Horn= L2
Zoom= Dpad down
Look left-right= Left-Right paddel
Passenger monitor= Dpad up
Front door= Big round "enter" button
Rear door= Share
Luggage right side= Option
Luggage left middle= P (Playstation logo)
Retarder up-down= + and -
Gear up-down= Stick 3´rd gear-4´th gear
Lights Up= X
Light down= Triangle button
Drivers Light= Square button