What we want from the new WOS 4

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  • Will the World of Subways 4 allow users to operate the train with a joystick ? If the game is compatible with joysticks, it'll make the experience of operating a train more "real"

  • A few more suggestions/comments about the World of Subways 4.

    Will the game have conductor announcements not sound garbled like in World of Subways 1 ?
    If the developers can use a native New Yorker's voice to record the conductor's announcements, it would sound realistic.

    The R62/R62A went into service in the New York City subway system in the 1980s, will the game allow the user to choose between operating a R33/R36 and a R62/R62A ? Also, the subway cars on the 7 train route uses 11 cars.
    I think the R36 trains were eventually retrofitted with speedometers later in the 1990s.
    How about the game having radioed conversations between the train crew and the Rail Control Center's console dispatchers ?

    Cheers from New York City.

  • Members:

    First, to "jadegung".
    W-O-S #1 (the PATH) IS a New York-New jersey person with an Irish accent.
    There is a little subelty written into the program.
    Having been a New Yorker riding the PATH many times back in the 1960's and 1970's, that's the way they sounded in the train announcements because there was an "unwritten" thing on the H&;M that you were giveren prefferential hiring for engineer or conductor if you were of Irish background.

    Now to W-O-S #4 (the #7)........
    they TOTALLY blew this one....
    the "classic" cars they should have used for the simulation were the R-33/36 in the delivery scheme of tirquoise(green) and white which was for the NY 1964 World's Fair, and this being the 50th anniversary of the event would be significant.
    The MTA red/black roof scheme does not make it and ruins the look of the trains..........
    reason enough for me not to buy it.

    I just got the WofS #1 and started playing it on just basic explore to get the "evaluations" and learn the routes (those sudden "speed restrictions" are murder).
    I then checked the box in the "Start" page to play a Shift duties.........
    completed the first lap which was JSQ-33rd street.
    The evaluation comes up then it goes to a new senario for I presume the second lap but there is no information as to where you are going ???
    No schedule, no way to know what tou have to set (F8) Train Identification for ???
    How do you figure out what you do next ??