If Fernbus Simulator had a child ...

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  • First of all, I want to say that I know some things take a lot time. Here I project myself 5 years later...

    I write here because I’m a coach lover.
    I write here because I’ll find here other bus & coach lovers.
    I write here because I’m not a real driver but a simulator enthusiast.
    I write here because I have a dream.

    It already exists urban bus simulators.
    There also is Fernbus Simulator (FB) which links cities together.
    But there is no Bus travel simulator. Here I call it “Reisen Simulator” (RS)

    I really think it’s could be fun to have one. It’s not only on driving, but also creating trips, and being a tourist . Here wat I have in mind.


    Creating a map is something that is very long and difficult. But at beginning, it’s not the most important. With FB we already have a good basis. It has motorways, many buildings..

    In future, TML could earn money with new maps and new coaches. Perhaps RS will also be modable. And then, if other map mods :
    they are not necessary connected together. They could be linked when driving to train station or airports. When reaching such places you could choose to go to an other map. You can also imagine a global map. When reaching some specific places, a little map could then be loaded.
    When modding exists, it’s giving a game a second life (see how OMSI experience was considerably enhanced).


    The principle for RS is similar to the FB routes, but more detailed : first catching people (in headquarters, bus stops areas, 1 or more in some cities, some in 1 on more cities), then reaching touristic spots, restaurants, hotels for night....

    Creating a trip is an interesting thing which could add an economical level to the simulator (how many passengers, money income, estimated fuel consumption…).

    The trips could be very varied : 1 day or more. When a waypoint is reached (museum, natural place...), time is accelerated and the driver goes one the game to reach next step.
    You also could also have other missions : driving a football team from town to town, driving a musical band from their studios to concert places, driving children from school to swimming pool or amusement park, driving people to their working places (like power plants we can see in background of FB)….

    When I say place, it could be only an address (we don’t need to have a modeled musical studio, lol, but a point in an existing city.

    You can also imagine that there are some inexpensive places to eat (for example, in the FB map we have some supermarkets, which could be used as cafeterias).

    The trips could be shared to other users, in order to discover real places in the world (which one a single player would not thought).


    In ETS 2 we have a huge map with some castles and monuments. This would be very time consuming if touristic places should be modeled. Some are already modeled (Kölner Dom for example).
    My idea is that the place is virtual ; it could be a virtual GPS coordinate. When the virtual coordinates are reached in the simulator, a window will open with internet links.
    When clicking on it, it opens an internet navigator which shows the real place. It could be a player picture, or a public picture or, if possible, a link to Google Earth. It also could be offical site of the place. This allows to be without limits apart from imagination.


    Similar to FB. Accidents will impact the mision, you have to drive cool. Perhaps, using TV will enhance passenger satisfaction. Perhaps video monitors could broadcast a streaming video from a specific youtube channel.


    With their next bus simulator, TML is developing an interesting multiplayer concept. This could be adapted to the “Reisen Simulator”.

    - A driver could relay another in the same coach.
    - A player can stay in the coach as passenger (and also relay, it’s a game after all)
    - we could do some convoys (eventually with automatic follow system if a driver wants to stay in the coach in front of him)
    - One player could take care of passengers (serve drinks and snacks), choosing the video broadcasted aboard.
    We also could write a joke database which appears during travel. It’s often a funny thing to listen jokes when traveling in real life. The jokes could be rated by other players. Lol. That’s all perhaps a joke….
    - we could have virtual travel agencies, or virtual companies.
    - A player could rate the places visited, which will raise the money income from the travel company.
    (I see here many levels were something is possible).
    - Simplified MP possible : no MP in driving mode (difficulties when maps created by user) but only with virtual travel agency and bus company


    Driver :

    He earns XP, money : km driven (MP/SP) , no accident, jokes rating (lol!)

    Bus compagny:
    buy and sell coaches, AI drivers or/and MP players
    vehicle maintenance (accidents during trips)
    if good driving rating of their drivers, money income will raise

    Travel agency :
    Money income indexed to players rating (MP) or quality driving (SP).


    I know, it's a dream... sometimes, utopia can move things forward. And perhaps some ideas are not so bad. I think it was time to explain wat I had in mind.

    As child, I was already a coach lover. When I saw the develpment of computers I had allways in mind playing and driving coaches. I remember, when I did not have any computer, I saw "VETTE PC" at a friend's house. It was about driving a car in San Francisco (picture1). Already I thought 'if only the car could be a coach'.

    As student, I went in game rooms, watching arcade games like 'Outrun'.(2nd picture) Wow, I like the country outside !

    I also saw Flight Simulator 4, then FS95 and so on... If only there was a Road Simulator...
    My first very good trip with coaches in computers was Midtown Madness (3rd picture) : a city (Chicago in MM1, Londo & San Francisco in MM2) , pedestrians, a lot of vehicles and later a lot of very good mods, and among this mods, a few bus mods. MM2 is still living !
    But I didn't know that revolution came later with OMSI and the TML games New york City Bus Sim (with his Regio Usedom add on). San Francisco (again!) Cable car...

    When ETS2 came out, I was on my knees : wow I can drive !!! I can visit places! But no coach... (only mod)

    And now, Fernbus has reached a level near from my dream. That's why I wrote all this. Thank you if you have read all this. 5 years later, all is possible...

    Thank you TML, you cannot know how Fernbus made me happy. 5 years later, all is possible... If I bought Train Simulator or FS, it was only to discover new places... 5 years later, all is possible...

  • I must admit that these solutions are so great And so beautiful to have such routes new vehicles and maps is an idea for players as a modification and I think TML STUDIOS. Such a game will love a lot of people who like buses and beautiful landscapes, Congratulations on the idea @Yannick [FR]. And I dream of such a simulator and I put such a task and an idea for just people who have experience like TML STUDIOS. I encourage fellow programmers to take up such a game just for its construction ,With our help as people who know a lot about buses and realities of places and vehicles themselves and traffic. I declare support for TML STUDIOS and purchase this game also with all previous tests and patches for the game. This will be the # 1 simulator in the world in version where you will also be able to go with your colleagues. Such a simulator is only allowed under one condition, Fine-tuning Fernbus because it is a priority to do one game and perfectly well, a lot is missing to the perfect simulator.Ale you can achieve by listening to us just.I hope that Fernbus and the new type of game will be wonderful and enjoyed everyone. For that we are all just waiting to refine Fernbus to put our plans and release such a game as he says @Yannick [FR] and me. It does not have to last 5 years then it can be done in a year time.