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  • Good evening.
    I apologize for my bad English.
    What is the reason a low amount of AI-train? With the inability to optimize the timetable or more than that?

  • Hi,the amout of AI-Trains is nearly realistic.
    Do you tried to drive in the rush hour? If you think there is to less Traffic please write us which Schedule you are driving so we can check if there is a bug.

  • I took it and counted the number of trains on the line by the hour.
    According to the breakdown shifts.

    Here's what happened:0-41-52-53-34-25-46-107-178-189-2010-2011-1612-1313-1314-1315-1316-1517-1518-1419-1320-1221-1222-1223-8
    With the number of trains in the morning rush hour can agree, but at a stretch, the 15 trains during the evening rush hour, especially considering that they are divided into local and express trains, it is generally bad, in my opinion.

    The voyage on average 85-90 minutes, if you divide the number of trains will get quite long intervals, as we see.