The Next Wold of Subways #5

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  • To Whom this may concern:
    Hello TML-Studios! My name is Ryan. I live In Northeast Georgia, USA. I am big fan of all of World of Subways. My big wish is can TML-Studios make MARTA next or in the future World of Subways? I can really believe that TML-Studios can make awesome MARTA for World Of Subways. If TML-Studios listen to the gamers around the world it will be an awesome World Of Subways, and take World Of Subways to the next Level in gaming. If you need any help with the project on MARTA in the future please e-mail me at
    Your World Of Subways Fan, Ryan

  • Hey Ryan,

    welcome to our forums and thanks for your suggestion! We'll put it on our suggestion list for a next World of Subways, but we can't really say, where the series is going in future. First off, we need to finish up with our current project "CBS_Berlin" (and of course we're still working on Fernbus). No need to worry though because we certainly have trains in our mind for future projects. :)