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  • Very good to see you are working on the new game, i hope the frame rate will be better than Fernbus. And don't forget to keep fixing/improving Fernbus, there are still a lot to fix/improve, Fernbus is still not a finished game.

    Yeah im still w8ting for modding tools for fernbus, that will unlock the possibilities of its future :whistling:
    good job with momo physics mod btw i still use it :P

  • I wanted to comment again, this simply looks too good for words. There are a lot of people whom after many years of OMSI feel if this will live up to it. To be fair, this is a completely different ball park.

    I cant wait to see where you guys have got too, and the approach is great, less info and just hints and teases

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • Sorry again for posting but is this game the whole of Berlin or just the 109 / 100 as mentioned before?

    Once again sorry for asking but i keep watching the video from gamescom in August of last year and as a recent visitor to Berlin, so far looks exact.

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  • I for one am impressed with UE4 and Fernbus so this one I am waiting to see what comes from the Team, I just sincerely hope the basics like proper Physics are there which seem to be from the gamescom videos!

    (Secretly hope for the whole of Berlin!) You've already shown us Germany as a whole and Austria attached now and Ive been driving for four hours straight and my PC didn't flinch, but with OMSI, good grief it'll crash after 5 minutes.

    Also id love to connect with you guys on the multiplayer, I see the leaderboards in Fernbus.

    I go by the name selektadiamond, terrible handle but I also do music hence selector.

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  • As somebody who has hopes that this game could finally replace the old broken OMSI and it's semi-multiplayer DLC Bus Company Simulator, how is the multiplayer planned to work? I know there is a full video of it but it's in german so can't understand a word of it :( I'm ask as we currently have virtual bus company there and are interested in seeing how The BUS evolves.

    • Will there be one global server or for example each bus company can host their own server or each company gets their own virtual world or just peer-to-peer? PS: Would prefer the company hosted server ;)
    • How will mods (custom buses and and maps handled) in case of multiplayer? I imagine if it's the case of each company hosting their own server everybody just needs to have matching mods or sth
    • If we have option of own hosted dedicated server, please tell me it's actually a dedicated server not "another copy" of the game that needs separate licence (like farming sim)
    • How will future DLCs affect multiplayer? I know a game called Cities in motion 2 actually displayed DLC vehicles to all players in multiplayer but players who didn't have DLCs couldn't just add/buy the said vehicles themselves.
  • Agree to the above 100% but the devdiary today, should be announcing all of this I hope, but Considering the too many moderated community, that is OMSI, with a lot of "just because I mastered 3D, I am lord of all I survey" mentality. It's been a pain to be part of the broken simulator and broken community; so with this I hope that the spirit of what was to make OMSI really good is here, agree totally it should be a company server!

    Some games feature mods which either break the game (TS Workshop) or something silly as a rushed addon. Also there's too much focus on DLCs. The acronym itself is now a ploy. I definitely feel there's professionalism from the outset.

    The multiplayer option looks and feels like it'll be what we've all been waiting for ;but I hope that the modding is vetted by TML before release at least, the standards are high at present. I just dont want to see another TS or OMSI community where there are too many "managers".

    Sorry for the long message but not another OMSI community if it can be helped.


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    • Official Post

    Hey guys,

    the multiplayer is the base of the game. All contents are based on the multiplayer system and not vice versa. This means that all contents are synchronized, and if someone has a specific mod, it'll be synchronized as well. Any DLCs that will be released will therefore also be fully compatible with the multiplayer. Of course, let's say there is some sort of map expansion, all players will need that expansion to play, no matter if Server or Client.

    More details will come in the DevDiary later today.


  • The last devblog indicated that nope.
    Didn't get any answers to my questions also, only that they aren't sure if there will be public servers or not. And sessions with about 8 players won't sadly become an alternative to BCS also.

    If I remember, I heard almost 8 players. I think this will depend on performance tests. 8 is already something nice on one bus line.

  • I like you all here. Very pleasant, can actually discuss without it being a grudge match.

    I was slightly dissappointed too but at least they're putting even more time into The Bus, i like the name, plz don't change it ;)

    Im keen to know more but I gather the next dev diary will be a while yet!

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  • Sorry for digging up an old thread but will the displays of the Citywide match the real life bus? Also the Atron ticket machine display?

    I dont like the jump in the driver seat is there no possible to open the drivers door? Then get in. Its still the same controls from WOS series.

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup: