BETA Update 1.15.14439 - Feedback & Bugs

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  • Bugs:
    lower FPS than non beta version 20 max, I'm running GTX 1060 8GB.
    Severe FPS drop to below 10 and the screen camera goes crazy (bouncing up and down) check link


    You mean 6 GB ;D

    Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

  • Hey developers! See what the driver is seated away from the steering wheel. This is not reality.Make right kind or to implement the function - adjustable driver seat + - / top - bottom


    - Regards :)

    Its kinda obvious the camera wont be right infront of the wheel for gameplay purporses. That makes 0 sense. The camera is distanced from the wheel so u can see your suroundings. What ur asking for makes no sense from a gameplay point of view.

  • Great work on the game so far!

    Unfortunately I have an issue when I start my bus, the whole game becomes super laggy. Almost like 2 fps. It's the second I start the bus up. I don't know what's causing this and I have tried changing graphics setting but nothing!


    i also have the same problem with the latest update, when i start the engine t am unable to muse any input device because the game is very very laggy, when i turn the engine off I`m able to use my input device, also lowered graphics, this beta version is unusable for me , when i go back to previous version everything is ok

  • Hey there,

    Feels good to finally be part of the owners club.
    Got the game yesterday, immediately jumped into the latest Steam beta and I've got some stuff to report.

    On the Lion's Coach C raindrops don't appear on the side windows...

    ...and on both Lion's Coaches there are giant raindrops on the panel below the driver's window.

    Loving the game so far, keep up the good work TML. :thumbup:

  • Its kinda obvious the camera wont be right infront of the wheel for gameplay purporses. That makes 0 sense. The camera is distanced from the wheel so u can see your suroundings. What ur asking for makes no sense from a gameplay point of view.

    well it does makes sense if you read his full post , he is asking for adjustable seat positioning unlike default fixed position which is kinda annoying sometimes & everyone has different taste. so check out ets2/ats if you have any doubt about how it works :lol: .

    apart from that i also find acceleration/braking linked to mouse annoying which sometimes results in braking/acceration while taking sharp turns, there must be option to turn them off and steer only via mouse.

    and someone should close this beach on high tides :P

    otherwise i will enjoy some drink everytime i travel to sellin ;)

    and these banners break bones, spill drinks of my passengers in hamburg

    I face micro stutters both video and audio sometimes and weird camera shake, rear view mirror being pitch black at night time which is mentioned in this thread already i guess , and im using max graphics settings with 150% scaling .

    i suggest to disable vsync and run in borderless mode for best performance
    with his gtx1060 8gb ;) .

  • Hi, developers!
    Make the button of scaling of the card, a castor it isn't always convenient to scroll.
    Fix a bug with the card: during a route the card opens somewhere in the middle, but isn't aligned on the player. It is necessary "to look for" the location.
    Correct illumination of the driver: light falls only on an entrance. In last updates he lit also the driver's zone.

  • @Zerden I agree that there are a lot of bugs and they will not be able to fix everything. At least they are trying their best to fix as many bugs as possible.
    Let's hope "The Bus" will be less buggy but I believe in TML :)

  • Traffic is very bold, when leaving the parking lot, or refueling constantly crashes into the bus and does not miss

    up the schedule, a lot of unnecessary glare flashing, there is no
    intelligence in the traffic and everything that's happening, I can drive
    to the red traffic light and no penalty, at night the glare of the
    headlights flies through the air and streets like wires. In general, make the game as it should be, I gave USD 42.94 for the
    game, So be kind to work on the game from the heart and as expected, I'm
    from Russia and besides the Russian language I do not know other
    languages, so sorry for my French, I used googl translator

    And the game Fernbus Simulator hooked me, I loved this game, so please do make the game comfortable, please

  • I dont want to be a dick but I checked your steam and you dont own fernbus ?

  • Developers, аre you happy with the picture yourself?

    FOV 90...
    1. Bad sharpness in distance and cockpit. In motion, consider traffic signs? Only Right Button Mouse, if you can do it that. The horizon looks like a total mess - pixels under blur...
    Сockpit buttons are doubled on the screen... The feeling that my eyes are sick and I put on my glasses...
    2. Windshield is covered with dots, gray spots (glare). Wipers do not help VS dirt... Glare at the edges annoying. Сorrect more naturally, please. It is hard to see in the mirrors.
    3. Mirrors:
    - some kind of darkness;
    - in the night they are absoolute dark. Want to see another car? NO! Their headlights can not be seen.
    4. Colors... Tried to change the settings. Everything looks so-so.
    5. Sound in the cockpit like 5.1. On stereo speakers it's awful and ruthless.
    And many other old and new bugs / defects...

    But positive changes in the game visible and thank you for this.
    The day will come and we will see a gorgeous game. Some day... ^^

  • Sir for sharpness you can use higher scaling(resolution scale) if your gpu can handle it maybe try 200% :thumbsup: and for disabling motion blur completely change these values in BaseScalability.ini file under your game directory



    do make a backup in case things go south :P

    if your gpu can't handle higher scaling and getting really bad fps try reducing post processing, antialiasing and shadows to low .

    I agree with rest all of your points, let's see what happens with upcoming updates :) .

  • @AllMore: Afaik Unreal Engine 4 only supports FXAA and TXAA, the latter one is responsible for the blurriness, but it is only on on high and epic settings. Also, post processing on high and epic introduces chromatic aberration, which is (imo) by far the most disgusting visual effect in video games, and also further adds to the blurriness.