Overpriced - Scam ?

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  • Hello TML Studios,

    Since You entered in the gaming market with your simulation games, you only released unfinished games or should I say unpolished games.
    Bus Simulator 2012, World of Subways, Munich Bus Simulator, ... and so on... Every title is just a new frustration for a hardcore sim player.
    SCS (another developper) tries to match the community needs in term of realism, physics and graphics... Their immersive truck simulation games receive outstanding reviews all around. A game that everyone can afford. A product that covers europe with 60 cities. A large community with a lot of mods available and 4 years after release, SCS continues to add content to the game (sometimes through a DLC, sometimes directly into the main game)
    While TML Studios, just leave its product in an unfinished state. Bus Simulator 2012, released on steam, never updated, never followed. Only 34% of positive reviews on steam.
    And now we have FernBus Simulator for 29,99 €uros (10 €uros more than Euro Truck Simulator 2). And what do we have for this price :
    - No good physics : in a descent, you don't even feel the weight of your bus. The same goes for a climb.
    - No good physics : When you play with a steering wheel, it is totally unrealistic especially when turning at high speed on highways.
    - Unrealistic sound effects : passing on a bridge trigger a sound effect which is unrelated to the shape of the road (it seems to be only a trigger zone where this sound is played...) so unrealistic. Church bells can be heard very loudly from inside the bus kilometers away... Come on... That can't be true
    - Unfinished map : There are many places on the map where you'll find leafs from a tree mesh or from a plant mesh coming out of the ground in the middle of the road, prefabs that are floating above the ground, road meshes that have holes where you see the grass instead of the road (like a missing triangle)
    - bad AI driving : cars colliding, cars waiting ages when the traffic light turn green, cars that accelerate into others cars when they are blocked, ....
    - bad 3D behavior : spawning cars 50m in front of the player camera to make a kind of "dense traffic" which also add to the unrealistic side of the game, no pedestrians, passengers that have their body half in the ground, ...
    - No force feedback which is really special for a simulation
    - Bad translations : Offering a game with foreign language support that you don't know leads to wrong translations, mixed languages, ...
    - Bad 3D Realisation : Lights shining on other vehicles like camera flash lights, overuse of flares which make lighting totally unrealistic, ghosting effects, ...
    - Career is not immersive. Just creating lines with no purpose.
    - Lines created adds rest stop to your journey but it should be taken in account in the route planning.

    The list can go on and on

    Sorry but actually your game is far behind a game released in 2013 by SCS (Euro Truck Simulator 2) but you still sell it for 10 €uros more... while, In my opinion, it should be 10 €uros less. (and only for the base game... player have to pay to add busses with DLC while EuroTruck Simulator gives access to a lot of different trucks and trailers with the base game)

    I hope that you will not run away of your responsibilites, show some respect to players community and put some efforts in your product to polish it. Don't just take the money to start another project... like you did in the past...
    Or I'll make sure that my voice will be loud and clear about TML Studios.


  • This could turn out to be a great discussion.

    Considering the amount of content you get and the current state of the game, the 29.99€ price tag is indeed relatively high, let alone the additional content. I firmly believe that it would've gotten much less negative feedback if it was released in early access.

    I agree that a physics overhaul, a sound update with more detailed sounds and some further tweaking in graphics would all be welcomed additions.

    I'm no expert but as far as I see the interaction with the gaming market is done by the publisher Aerosoft, and they only entered Steam a few years ago with the sequel of the 4 letter bus game, and with that their games became available to a lot wider audience. I think they have to adapt to that. Lots of new players, different demands, etc.
    But I think TML is on the right path with FBS and The Bus. Support throughout 2018 is confirmed, new features, map fixes and various other things are being added with every update, often based on players' wishes and ideas, the devs are interacting with the users and listening to their feedback, better AI traffic is on their to-do list, they mentioned it here, force feedback is also being worked on, pedestrians are also coming in a future update, and so on. I'd say it's pretty good, I wouldn't bury them just yet.

    In my opinion what's really important here is that the simulation genre is still kind of a niche, and players don't want a sequel in every year or two. They want a stable base that is kept up to date, has a great community, provides plenty of customisability, and this is where modding comes into play, because that's what keeps games like this alive for a long time.

  • you said a good thing now they have made a big update today and the game went destroyed no part more beautiful stuff

  • Since i bought it yesterday I have 2 hour play time but all of them are me trying to fix problem!! not even drive out of garage.....

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