World Of Subways vol. 3 update november 29th?

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  • Good day everyone,

    I am fairly new here but not that new to TML products, own a couple of the products such as Fernbus and WoS vol. 3 for one instance since I love London and trains and everything about it. But nevermind that, that's not why I came on here. So for no reason really I check the downloads page on my Steam profile and I got a couple of updates pending including one for WoS vol. 3 anyone here that can inform me what that really is?

    Since I've seen you confirm that you won't update that game because it's old etc I am quite shocked to find that today.

    [Blocked Image:]
    Any changes, anything fun, perhaps a new stock? I doubt that tho but anyone here able to share some light on this mystery?


  • Ah alright that explains it, it was kinda tiny so yeah suspected it was something minor.

    Shame tho, had hoped we could see a new stock in it or something. :P