Merry Christmas and Happy New Year TML Studios.

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  • I Wanna wish everyone and the whole TML Studios team a late Big Merry Christmas and hope you all got a wonderful christmas whit family and friends. I also wanna wish everyone a early Happy New Year. This has been a great year for both Fernbus and The Bus and i know i am not the only one that can't wait for The Bus to get released. Fernbus has gotten really big now and i can say that i belive many tought it was gonna become a dead project because of all the bad comments in the beginning but you guys TML just continued to push on and now look how it has changed, i don't know what to say but thanks for continuing to push on and ignoring all the bad comments and listening to your most trusted player's i can see next year as becoming even better and can't wait.

    Best Regards.
    Rasmus/Swedish Translator.