Fernbus Simulator

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    Today i reinstalled this game on my Laptop after the initial download wouldn't let me play it. Well when i went to play it, it says syncing but then it disappears and the game wont load. I have contacted Aerosoft numerous times and they don't seem to give me advice. I am running out of options but this game looks good to play and i really want to give this a go. I am starting to believe that i may not be able to play this game due to my low memory or that i installed on a Laptop, but i would very much be grateful if i can have some assistance.

    All help appreciated.

  • On the disc is a steam launcher to install the application and game ;D The Fernbus Couch Simulator is a steam based game e.g. It's uploaded to steam and gets updates from this.

    I hope I can help you with my answer.

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