Launched has stopped working

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  • Hey guys,
    I have a small questions. Sorry for my english first.
    Someone can help me with crash game Bus & CableCar Simulator? I asked about it a long time ago but nobody could help. Now I have some more information. I know that the problem is in Visual - MSVCR90.dll



    Randomly during the game i have crash 'Launched has stopped working' and only 'close program'. Game is crash when i playing, but also when only is run (i wait on time of departure and crash ....) I can also cause crash when i very fast click mouse route selection. I noticed that the crash appears in many of the same places on the map.
    I have information in the system:

    Nazwa aplikacji powodującej błąd: Launcher.exe_unknown, wersja:, sygnatura czasowa: 0x4df3f66c
    Nazwa modułu powodującego błąd: MSVCR90.dll, wersja: 9.0.30729.9317, sygnatura czasowa: 0x5997638d
    Kod wyjątku: 0xc0000417
    Przesunięcie błędu: 0x000661cc
    Identyfikator procesu powodującego błąd: 0x46c8
    Godzina uruchomienia aplikacji powodującej błąd: 0x01d3705b06b52f16
    Ścieżka aplikacji powodującej błąd: G:\Symulator autobusów i tramwajów\Bin\Launcher.exe
    Ścieżka modułu powodującego błąd: C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_microsoft.vc90.crt_1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b_9.0.30729.9317_none_508dca76bcbcfe81\MSVCR90.dll

    Application Error
    EventID 1000
    [ Qualifiers] 0
    Level 2
    Task 100
    Keywords 0x80000000000000
    - TimeCreated
    [ SystemTime] 2017-12-08T19:34:52.976946400Z
    EventRecordID 2185
    Channel Application
    Computer name

    Event Data:
    G:\Symulator autobusów i tramwajów\Bin\Launcher.exe


    My attempts to repair:

    On my old computer (GTX 550TI and processor 4 CPU 3,2GHZ AMD, Windows 7 64-bit) the game worked great. Without these crashes. I changed the whole computer on GTX 970 Gaming, I5 4690, Windows 7 and then the problem with these crashes began. I had a second drive with Windows 10 - the same randomly crash. Now change computer - GTX 1080TI I7 8700K Windows 10 64-bit and also the same problem. Randomly crash and also when i choose fast reute selection. I installed the system, drivers, BCCS. No unnecessary programs.

    1. I started the game in a clean boot of the system

    2. I unistall all visual c++ (2005, 2008,2010,2012,2013,2015). Restart system. I install only 2005 and 2008 in german language. Reinstal game and the same problem
    I try install all visual. Unistall 2005, 2008, restart and install 32-bit, next 64-bit (all)


    No Changes


    Any other suggestions?
    This is very annoying because the game has no manual or automatic save.

    But it's the game of my life ;P

  • Sorry guys,

    but first the game is old and second the engine had a lot of bugs und TML didn't have found the crash issue in the development in past.

    I think the game don't like multicore processors and over high GPUs.

    You can try it to play at an old single-, or duo core CPU and a low GPU.

    I love this game, but I can't finished it in past and I think not in future, too.

    Nice evening ^^

    Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

  • Bus & Cable Car Simulator

    1. Very big City
    2. Several thousand bus stops
    3. Trams and trolleybuses
    4. Story! Small campaing
    5. Unlock Vechicle
    6. Additional Job - discovering wild areas
    7. New house, private cars
    8. Shopping - coffee, glasses
    9. searching for items

    This is lost potential. This game was perfect for multiplayer. I like the new games TML Studio very much, but this is not the same. I felt that game. I felt like a driver. Beautiful night lighting in games. I spent several thousand hours there. I walked on foot all San Francisco looking for hubcaps :P . This game is simply my love. If someone loves any games, understand me. That's why I really care about solving this problem. No matter that traffic is shit. It does not matter that this game has a lot of mistakes. It does not matter that now there is better graphics. But the game's climate counts. And how much you fall in love with it. For me, TML did not repeat what he did then. I am sorry if I offend someone. I remember as soon as I waited for new messages, trailers and a photo about this game and how much I could not wait ;)

    I think it would be great for TML to add a small patch that will fix this error and introduce manual save. I know it's my dreams. If THEN TML would add support for mods, it would be possible that it would be multiplayer. This game was perfect for that.

    Adlerauge, on my old processor 4CPU 3,2 GHZ the game did not crash.

  • i'm gonna watch this thread for the rest of my life until someone with a solution comes by because i love this game just as much as you guys do. it's also weird how one of my all time favourite games have to be unstable like this.

    ALSO, i noticed that i get even more than just 1 file at fault. usually it's that msvcr90.dll but i also sometimes get physxloader.dll, game.vplugin and physxcore.dll in the event viewer report.

  • ADLERAUGE91 I do not remember the exact model, but it was any AMD Phenom probably II 4 CPU 3,2 GHZ. I'm sure he had 4 cores of 3.2GHZ. I am not sure if this is a processor problem if the error is from MSVCR90.dll

    HamTittiesAss I had only a mistake with MSVCR90.dll visible in the windows report. This is irony. You must have an old computer and small FPS to play this game? I hope that this is only a problem with the software, not the game engine itself or there is some solution on the side of the software to repair this.

  • I think that's the AMD Phenom II X4 955, I had this for a lot of years in my system. The crash is a bug by game or the used engine. I don't know why, but on all my systems it's crashed in past.

    My system now is in my profile or here:, here it's crash, too :(

    I love the game, and the idea to create a patch how fix it and a multiplayer would very funny and cool, but this product is very old and I think TML don't work on it in future.

    I wish you a nice Sunday evening and a good start in the new week tomorrow.

    Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

  • There are various possibilities. For example version Remastered. I also think that TML for a few declared fanatics he will not start supporting such an old game. But for example, refresh?

    Apart from this, I am still looking for a solution anyway.

  • nevermind i patched my game so i'm only getting the msvcr90.dll error now. i have a pretty decent pc too.

    I see some relationship in the display distance. On my current one GTX 1080TI / I7 8700K when I set the display distance on the maximum I'm going to the bus depot and quickly click mouse on the line selection i have crash. When i reduction display distance to one less or medium and after starting the game I IMMEDIATELY teleported to the bus depot and tried to trigger a critical error, the game has been maintained. Without a critical error. But when I driving 10 or 15 minutes and I back to the bus depot clicking quickly with the mouse caused a crash. Damn it.

  • Yes, and the V-sync must be OFF.

    Hmm.. I have a graphics card GTX 1080TI but I do not see the manual setting of the FPS limit in the nvidia driver for the application (only the highest and under the control of the application). I can only turn off vsynq.

    Could you write exactly how to do it?

  • Hmm.. I have a graphics card GTX 1080TI but I do not see the manual setting of the FPS limit in the nvidia driver for the application (only the highest and under the control of the application). I can only turn off vsynq.
    Could you write exactly how to do it?

    I don't now. Maybe, you need to search something like this: link