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  • Hey,

    yes, it has been a little quiet in the past weeks. We're currently in the planning phase for the year 2018.

    Regarding 2018, I can confirm that we're working on the next update that will include some long awaited features and fixes. We will detail the contents very soon. Other than that, we're working on the finalization of the Austria+Switzerland DLC as well as the Football DLC, which we will demonstrate very soon.


  • hello tml I'm waiting for the new dlc impatiently I will make me a joy of stream fernbus with all this

  • Unfortunately, there's nothing more to say other than Soon™...

    For real though: There are still a few things that are preventing the release, which is why we can't give any release date for the near future. We're working on getting everything done and hope for everyone's patience.


  • I joined just because it's a wonderful platform. I look forward to all.

    Thanks for being cool like SCS when it comes to the fans. OMSI could learn a lot.

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup: