DevDiary #21 - Fuerteventura + The Bus Multiplayer

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  • Hey everyone,

    we're very proud to announce our new Project: Fuerteventura. A brand new coach simulation game with an economic system and more, which you can see in this DevDiary episode. Including to that, we're showing off the multiplayer of The Bus that will be one of the main features of the upcoming title. Check out the video below...

    Get all the infos to Project: Fuerteventura and the official discussion section right here: Presenting: Fuerteventura

    We can't wait to hear your feedback. Have fun watching!

    Best regards,

  • Hmm. I am impressed with the level of detail but yeah I am unsure why another game when Fernbus is still going to be heavily played. OMSI 2 may be broken but until the bus comes out i'll patiently wait for that.

    Like I said under the video, Id like to see you all push The Bus a lot better, there's so much Berlin has to offer, Both culturally and visually, Alexanderplatz and further East or around Hermannplatz, There's also the M45 to Staaken, the M46 to Britz Sud, The M29 down the Kurfurstendamm towards Zehlendorf, forgot the terminus but there's loads also the Tram as AI or driveable in and around Alexanderplatz.

    Ventura is okay but the VDL should be added to Fernbus unless you've done all you can for Fernbus in terms of programming.

    The economic system is intreresting and want to know more, are the physics better?

    I think TML can do things properly with Chris at the Helm and I am confident; the work looks outstanding its not doing too much unlike another sim after OMSI its keeping it simple.

    I just hope you all explore more of Berlin and implement the depot Cicerostraße for the local BVG routes and we have AI trains and such for Zoologischer Garten/Hertzallee

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • Hmm.. I have mixed feelings. I think it's too fast. This is a completely new form of fun, so it would be difficult to make a DLC out of it. But...

    We have Fernbus in a modern graphic version. The Bus looks the same graphically and technically. This is great because we already have two different, beautiful, modern types of bus simulator - tourist and city bus. I also think that it would be better to improve these games. For Expample SCS. The same game that was released 6 years ago. Still supported, graphic changes are a chasm. Two projects - ETS, ATS supported in parallel. They make money on DLC, but they do not abandon the project. This is Fine.

    I do not know exactly what The Bus looks like. But Fernbus is too much a compromise for me. I do not feel the climate of Bus & Cable car Simulator (climatic, dense city, tight buildings, wide-ranging districts and narrow streets), but also I miss the very scenic areas, narrow curves roads, wild areas, I just miss the map of the game The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

    What i mean? For Example (Unreal Engine 3):

    Do not get me wrong. I have every bought Bus Simulator of the TML studio (some even twice because the Steam version did not support my language). But I dream for the future to look like this:

    Fernbus / The Bus supported simultaneously
    Graphic enhancement and realism of driving
    Creating new additions to these games
    New vehicles
    more climatic cities, and more wild areas
    Trams, trolleybuses
    of course multiplayer / Dedicated server

    New projects? All right, but let it be a milestone for graphics and realism.

  • If you compare Fernbus with Bus & Cable car Simulator Fernbus loses in many ways.

    I bought the game and played it for a long time despite bugs that the game presented I loved playing until today.

    The resources I liked was to get out of the house to get in the car and go to one of the garages on the map, to get on the bus, to see if everything was right with the bus, gasoline, engine, oil, temperature, something important because the glasses were blurred was cold Look if the vehicle was clean.

    And go into the room and create the routes and exit to the starting point.
    Out the evolution inside the game to acquire another vehicle.

    Fernbus is a game of almost two years and does not have even half the features of a previous game of 2010 this because it uses an updated engine.

    I made the registration as soon as the forum left because I liked this game and I followed the following as Bus Simulator 2012 that brought the same features but presented bugs similar to the previous one and were never fixed.

    I really hope that Fernbus does not continue to lack depth and that it is more complete. Although I like very much so far a promising game badly harnessed.

    As you yourself have said portraying the life of a bus driver.

  • i get hate comments on my youtube people are already pissed about the frame rate their Gtx 20xx/Rx 6xx providing if tml adds more detail then surely nobody will be able to play it with decent fps, take a look at fuerteventura early video you can guess the frame rate its running on, i think they should hire someone who can optimize their existing games before adding any details, maybe ask help from epic games if possible ;) .

    i think this could be the reason for their current stance on "the bus" game, after all early reviews matters it could make a game popular vice-versa.

  • I agree, someone posted that in another forum and I thought hmm, but of course, that'll burn anyones computer I think.

    That's probably it, but we shall see, The Bus i feel will be a pinnacle, and they know they're onto a winner ;)

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • Please, pass on to the forum information for all of us players who are waiting for version 1.18 Beta Fernbus Chris @UndergroundBerlin on when the pedestrians are finally on the streets of Fernbus, new maps of France, VDL bus, Bundesliga DLC . You do not have to do a new game Project: Fuerteventura, when for Fernbus players it is more important and requires many changes yet. You have to listen to players who expect changes and finally put into play.

  • Please, pass on to the forum information for all of us players who are waiting for version 1.18 Beta Fernbus Chris @UndergroundBerlin on when the pedestrians are finally on the streets of Fernbus, new maps of France, VDL bus, Bundesliga DLC . You do not have to do a new game Project: Fuerteventura, when for Fernbus players it is more important and requires many changes yet. You have to listen to players who expect changes and finally put into play.

    Fuerteventura is a very exciting project, a great milestone in coach Simulation. And Fernbus/Fuerteventura/the Bus have some common points that make the experience of one benefit the other. I think the most important thing is to know that something will be realased, the "when" is an other question less important, because we can still enjoy a great ingame experience with actually state.

  • You are right @Yannick [FR] , however, a lot of people are waiting for information about what I wrote. For me personally, Fernbus will be a more interesting game and these changes announced by TML STUDIOS for fernbus are important for this I am waiting for.

  • @Yannick [FR] @Martin 40 Bus

    In fact the TML should rather clarify what is currently being worked on Fernbus, especially in the forum where the players who care most about the game are concentrated and we help TML, I believe the potential of the company has good ideas and although it takes time to bring what we ask we see that they try the maximum within their limitations, this is a differential and we have to value the good work.

    I believe so much that I make the repaints according to my free time.
    And also because I like the bus, it brings the two together.

    The information is played in the forum, Facebook and Instagram and sometimes in a unique social media and with limited information. In my opinion it should be a bit more detailed, if it is in an early stage or more mature if it is possible within a few months or is something further from happening.

    For me the main thing is still the performance, the game needs to be improved in this aspect, because if it is to add new features will force the hardware so we will have constant frame crashes and falls and this is disgusting. I want new features yes, more allied to a good performance.

    The Fernbus was launched in a very early stage and we all know that the features would come later, the wait will still be long to arrive at the ideal.

    I will be very sincere now, I am more excited about Fuerteventura than Fernbus currently. I was very annoyed with TML when they announced this new simulator and commented on why.

    Fuerteventura is much more attractive than the Fernbus in an early stage, has more to offer in depth and fun it approaches more of a routine of a bus driver. The idea of running a business is exciting together with the things to do before starting a trip with the bus, this is simulation of the day of a driver and businessman.

    The point is to have the games being developed with the same source code and the same graphics engine so that you can distribute resources between games.

    I am happy with the new game and I hope it is released in an acceptable stage with everything I have been told so far and I hope more news and the possibilities that the game can put me in the launch.

  • Hello, I am presenting a new game : PEDEPE, AEROSOFT, TML STUDIOS
    Tourist Bus Simulator Dieser Artikel erscheint am 30. August 2018…urist-bus-simulator?c=744

    The game promises to be very interesting, in the sense of tasks and landscape, MAN vehicles as in Fernbus and graphics at a high level as in the game Fernbus. :) :thumbup: I look forward to the game, thank you TML STUDIOS :) :thumbsup: for the work I invite you to discuss the players. My suggestion and question to the company, whether it is planned to introduce the Polish language to the premiere of the game, in Poland a lot of players like buses and such games I encourage TML STUDIOS to this and please answer here. Thank you best regards. :D :thumbup:
    I hope that the performance of the game will be very good :) :thumbup: