DevDiary #22 - Tourist Bus Simulator & Football Team Bus DLC

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  • Hey everyone,

    we're glad to present a new DevDiary episode with new details to Tourist Bus Simulator and the upcoming Football Team Bus DLC for Fernbus Coach Simulator.

    Here are the most important facts:

    • We're at Gamescom 2018! If you happen to be there, come say hi at the Aerosoft stands in the business and public areas. We'd be glad to get to know you!
    • Tourist Bus Simulator is coming out in October 2018.
    • We've set the goal to enable DLCs, such as buses, to be compatible with Fernbus Coach Simulator and Tourist Bus Simulator simultaneously. This means that if you already own a such DLC for Fernbus Coach Simulator, it will automatically be available in Tourist Bus Simulator by the moment you open the game. As soon as new DLCs come out, you'll only have to obtain them once, and they'll be available in both games (or the one you have currently installed) automatically.
    • The Football Team Bus DLC is coming out on August 30, 2018, and will bring a new coach driving experience into Fernbus Coach Simulator. Get all the details in the video, and find a bunch of screenshots and videos in near future on Facebook, Instagram, and right here in our forums.

    Here's the video:

    Best regards,

  • Hi Chris @UndergroundBerlin tasty cake :lol: , the animals, are finally walking the pavement people what we expect at Fernbus and the Tourist Bus simulator great :thumbup: ;) nice stadiums and MAN painting. It is a pity that the premiere of the game has been postponed once again. I hope you remember the Fernbus navigation window. I'm not saying this maliciously, I'm enjoying the movie, playing games ,work and my PC new :) A very good idea for many players in the world bought 1 DLC for the game Fernbus or Tourist Bus Simulator, works automatically in both games. It is also very interesting to paint buses that they will be both at the same time. 2 game simulator. It is worth waiting for all these products and games, DLC The Football Team Bus it will definitely be a great development for Fernbus. gratulaions TML STUDIOS :) :thumbsup:

  • I like DevDiary, although it does not clarify many doubts.

    :D :cookie: It was funny Chris (@UndergroundBerlin) and his sweetheart. hahaha :lol:

    About the launch of TBS is better to postpone and present a better product, and I will have a pleasant experience. The good side will be the positive reviews and good sales.

    Waiting for another three months will not be easy.

    The good thing is that at the end of August we will have the DLC Bundesliga, a good distraction until the launch of TBS.

    Something I really liked was the idea of integrating the DLCs, this was a wonderful news. Something I thought a long time would be.

    This is the advantage of using the same source code and engine.

    I expected more information and images from TBS and its features more is something that you should post closer to the release, so I hope.

    Something that was left out was the subject of the VDL and the next buses.
    You need to better plan the development of new buses. It is practically a bus a year and this is very little invisto the variety of current models available. The people who play felt the lack of new vehicles is something that generates income for you and makes the community happy and excited to play. A team focused on the development of only the vehicles would be essential, as well as improving and working in physics. Also work on problems that arise.

    That's it for now. You guys are doing a great job.
    Anxious for news from both Fernbus, TBS and The Bus.

  • It's right to wait for the game to be refined better longer @Daniel F , DLB BUNDESLIGA will be a great attraction for the Fernbus game. The game engine for all games simulator tml studios including mod painting bus , DLC all game is great information. Closer released be more information about the game Tourist Bus Simulator . So good development of more models of buses for all games and improvement of any physics game etc. You can make buses for each game as one DLC eg Mercedes, VDL. it will please players , TML STUDIOS from sales.

  • Here's the Steam page of the soccer team bus DLC!
    Greetings also from Martin 40 bus, he is very looking forward to Thursday! 8)