Fernbus simulator low fatal error

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  • i wrote . But there isn't any support department staff provide me a solution .

    Hope that TML STUDIOS employees solve your problem quickly , @Alex_S Alex is an employee of TML STUDIOS , I think you will ride bus , be in the center of support and write here how the problem will be repaired, listen to the instructions from the support center. @Jaco0417

  • I am glad @Alex_S Fernbus is a beautiful simulatol. in this case, a colleague needs to change the computer to drive, I had problems with the performance of the game and that's why I changed the computer that's what I recommend it to my colleague @Jaco0417 .I am waiting for DLC BUNDESLIGA and Tourist Bus Simulator I purchased a new computer to have good quality in your games ;) . Remember to give a larger navigation window for Fernbus and also for a Tourist Bus simulator. @Alex_S ;):thumbup: Today I will make a route and think about interesting photos from the area and the MAN bus, I try to take my pictures professionally to make it interesting shots and joy for all bus fans. :D:thumbsup:

  • Did he try running it in windowed mode?


    1. To fix this issue, go to Steam.
    2. Right click on Fernbus Simulator, Properties.
    3. In the General tab, click "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..."
    4. a box will appear. Add: "-sm4" (excluding the speech marks).
    5. Done, click ok and try running the game now.

    That can sometimes help with low end machines ;)

  • If you're running the latest NVidia driver this is the problem, I don't know why but anything past 372.70 personally is poor.

    If you can revert back to an older driver do, but If you're using a brand spanking new machine with more than capable hardware. I don't know what the issue is, it's happening for me too, so will go back to an older driver, but I am never using NVidia again.

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup: