Screenshots: Morro Jable

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    Hey everyone,

    shortly before Gamescom will begin, we have a bunch of new screenshots to present from a new included city in Tourist Bus Simulator: Morro Jable. Should you be at Gamescom 2018, come by the Aerosoft stand, as will be there and you'll be able to exclusively test Tourist Bus Simulator and look around this city.

    See you there!

    Best regards,

  • The Cologne Fair is a very beautiful celebration in electronic entertainment. There will be a lot of companies that are doing simulators. It is a pity that I do not live closer to gladly meet my colleagues from TML STUDIOS and take a look. :) . The pictures from the game are very good colors, sharp, interesting water and it looks nice . I wish you a nice Chris party and we invite everyone to the fair. I am waiting for DLC FOOTBALL Fernbus and for Tourist Bus Simulator, I hope that later in Polish. :) :thumbup:

  • Hello everyone!

    Unfortunately for reasons of distance I can not go to the event.
    I am happy that the next publications will be referring to Gamescom. :)

    The Turist Bus Simulator looks beautiful to me, I like the details is something I'm always talking about. 8) :thumbup:

    One suggestion is to put a photo-taking feature inside the game. I did make comparisons more is needed, they do something similar to Euro Truck Simulator 2.

    It's a nightmare to take screenshots on Fernbus. A difficult task. :S

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    Yeah, Gamescom must be an exciting moment for TML to publish more new features for Fernbus, Tourist bus, and The Bus.

    I agree with Daniel, a photograph mode is really a good idea. And one thing I suppose TML should consider is the ANSEL, which allow you to modified your picture. You can take it from different direction, choose a resolution, and many other exciting things. If TML games have the possibility to support ANSEL, we could have more choice to create our artwork.

  • Yeah, Gamescom must be an exciting moment for TML to publish more new features for Fernbus, Tourist bus, and The Bus.

    I agree with Daniel, a photograph mode is really a good idea. And one thing I suppose TML should consider is the ANSEL, which allow you to modified your picture. You can take it from different direction, choose a resolution, and many other exciting things. If TML games have the possibility to support ANSEL, we could have more choice to create our artwork.

    i think ansel should be easy to implement since epic is nvidia partner from a long time but that also means radeon users will not be able to use this photo feature which is not good imo so they need something similar to ets2. :)

  • I must admit that colleagues from Poland also from England do not understand why TML STUDIOS does not offer Polish in DLC FOOTBALL and the new game Tourist Bus Simulaotr we want to translate it, we also want box editions in Poland. @MBO530@schlemiel@Yannick [FR]@TheBeaver@CeBeS486@Dynek@juls2008 , I would like to convince colleagues from TML STUDIOS to introduce the Polish language or give us for translation. Maybe @Yannick [FR] a colleague from France will convince TML STUDIOS

  • I used ANSEL once in the game The Witcher 3 is a nice tool although it is exclusive to Nvidia so it would not be interesting for Fernbus.

    Free camera shooting mode with effects options would be perfect. The feature developed by SCS is well done and could be better, the more I fulfilled its role well. And still have the connection with the World of Truck.

    I do the paintings and I have difficulty getting good screenshots and it takes a lot of time in doing this task. Such a tool would make it much easier than being practical. Many times I'm playing and I see beautiful landscapes and I can not get the screenshot as I wanted. With the bus moving it is a challenge.

    Personal TML team think about this possibility of this feature in their games.

    In relation to the languages TML should make available here in the forum the text files in German and English. The staff who are willing to do the translation. That would solve this question.

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    Just a quick mention about translations: it’s not as easy to simply get out text files and have everybody translate the games. We have a translation system that we use with trusted partners and translators, as we also need to ensure a good quality. That’s why we choose our translators and get into contact personally. It’s not like we’re not interested in having other languages in our games, including Polish, and we’re working on it. We’re “simply” not able to hit out every language right from the start.


  • TML, This is understandable. And great that you care about quality. But Fernbus already had a Polish version and the lack of the Polish version in the new production is a step back for the Polish community. So not every language, but the one that was already before. I think that's the reason for our reaction to prevent it in the future. Do not be mad at us, do not treat it as spam. We are sure that you will find a way to add our translation. We trust that you will take care of it.

    And ...

    and we’re working on it.


    now we are holding you by the word, ;)

  • I understood Chris. Anyway it is good to have a dialogue in the forum on the subject.
    And clarify the doubts.

    The question of translation is something important and must be of quality.
    I just made a suggestion, an alternative to ease and solve the problem.

    Now knowing how to work your translations should calm the community about it.

    Thanks for listening. :whistling:

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    I get the point that it’s hard to understand that the base game is available in Polish but the DLC isn’t (at least not yet). I guess the easiest explanation is that we need to finish the DLC itself with a string of selected languages and then we can concentrate on having it translated into further languages. As far as I remember, it wasn’t different with Fernbus itself as it came out.

    Coming into dialogues with the Community is my personal wish and very important, and I’m definitely not angry or anything. What’s not very amusing, is when we continuously offer explanations but they don’t seem to find any understanding without further questioning. If I constantly get to read “reminders” about things that we’re not supposed to forget, even though we’ve confirmed the state of work in progress, I feel a little fooled. I hope that makes a little sense for you all.

    Should you have any further questions, hit me with them and I’ll be glad to answer all of them as good as I can.

    Have a great one,

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    Should you have any further questions, hit me with them and I’ll be glad to answer all of them as good as I can.

    OK, Let's talk about the VDL. You had said that these buses is not forgotten. And I remember that your guys posted some picture on Facebook few months ago. And also a photo showing the rear hatch of a double decker. I suppose the FDD2 is also included. Is the project goes well? Why not share some progress with us.? Screenshot or some information is OK.

  • Well remembered @MBO530 ! Where did you go to VDL?

    I thought he would come soon and have not talked for some time. I remember the images referring to the Tourist Bus Simulator and then they did not talk and showed Screenshots.

    I commented several times to TML to make a team focused only on developing the bus models and improving the physics and sounds. We have some assemblers and models of buses in the market being previous and current generations recently launched.

    In addition to leaving a greater variety of vehicles in the game TML will have a larger number of sales.

  • Hi everyone,

    The goal of following words is not to hurt someone, I'm for peace in the world, lol.

    When I was young (lol), I remember that I didn't have social media. Sometimes, I bought some magazines which were very nice written, testing some games just before their publication. Sometimes, not often, we had some annoucments about future games or software.
    A few years ago, not so long time, I would say less than 20 years, the internet Big Bang came to us. Quickly, the network offered us the ability to know a lot of things instantly. It was a real revolution. In addition, information is now global, the whole world ! think about it, that's fantastic !

    But gradually, we have lost the gift of knowing how to wait, the gift of being simply patient, the gift of simply not knowing. In this case, the world offers us already a lot. But we sometimes even more want to know what it will offer us in future, meanwhile we forget the great things we have already at home. I don't really know hot to explain what i mean with english words, I hope you'll understand me. I think that we must consider each piece of information as a chance and not as a due. I like to be content to know that it is planned, when I learn something new then I am happy. But life is so rich with beautiful things, I never get bored.

    And so the world is fond of information, sometimes manufacturers make anouncments. And sometimes that events don't go as planned. because of technical hazards, because of constraints. Even major manufacturers have to change their initial choices . When Airbus developed the A350 , they realized that they were on the wrong track. They had to start all over again, in order to be more effective against the magnificent B787 (which has also experienced development delays ...)

    Regarding the VDL project, we know that it isn't forgotten. So, that's a good news. I know you're going to tell me that TML just didn't need to talk about this project. But didn't you forget that we were fond of new information ;) ??

    So the reason why we don't see the VDL will follow (I learned this while looking the interview from NordRheinTV on Youtube channel, I tried to make a french translation of this interview on my Facebook page). At start, TML thought that the VDL will be part of TBS, but the problem was that Fernbus customers will have to buy the VDL DLC even when owning the TBS. So it was easier to include the already made MAN LC and then, later, when you'll buy the VDL DLC, you'll have to buy it only one time (it will be integrated in both Fernbuse and TBS). That's cool. Now, the focus is on TBS, TML invest human power on TBS, then the Bus will go on

    And don't forget : in a few days you'll able to play with a really great addition to Fernbus, the Football DLC ;) Here it's not about farming like never before, but it's about driving (coaching ;) .. ) like never before.

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    Thanks for the post, @Yannick [FR]!

    We haven't forgotten the VDL, and it's making great progress. I'm sure that we'll be able to show it off in detail very soon. As I've mentioned in the last DevDiary, our goal is to offer DLC buses and more for all our current bus simulators (in this moment, that'll be Fernbus and Tourist Bus). That means, if you've already bought the Neoplan Skyliner for Fernbus, it will automatically be available in Tourist Bus by the moment you install it. It'll be the same with the VDL: Buy once and it'll be in both games. To make this possible though, we need to give both games the same basis, which is the MAN Lion's Coach series.

    The next very few weeks will be all about the Football Team Bus DLC, and afterwards, I'm sure we'll be able to show off the VDL in full detail.


  • I liked the idea of the bus DLCs, valid for both games.

    I know how difficult it is to create buses with so many functions, but it is necessary to have a good variety of models. The focus of the game are the bus and everything related and them.

    I'm happy with the new DLC as part of managing some things and caring for the vehicle is something I imagined for the game from the start.
    Thank you for that. Waiting for the launch and check with details.

    The Tourist Bus Simulator I analyzed the posts of you and watched two videos made in Gamescom of the game, I liked the scenario well everything detailed, the textures and effects of the wind with earth was wonderful. I hope the effect of the rain is with the effect of displacement and impact with the bus and asphalt. the garage and the desk became interesting. Last video I watched was Gadarol.

  • Hi @qbol! Beautiful pictures. :)
    I think you had a great time on this island. I find it pleasant.
    I never visited her, maybe one day.

    I compared Google Street View images and noticed a lot of similarities to the actual locations shown so far.

    It would be interesting to do this hotel that you mentioned the proposal of the game is just tourism so it would be a place to take and pick up passengers.

    The game will offer an exploration and this will be interesting. :cookie: 8) :thumbup:

  • Thank you, it was the best holidays in my life :) If you have a chance to go there don't waste it. This is very safe and beautiful place. Also the food there was marvelous. My hotel it was Jandia Resort.