NEW buses

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  • Wow, what can I say, that's a breaking news=O.

    I think Lion's Intercity could fit The Bus more, because there isn't some serious Solo bus at the beginning of release, it is more close to a citybus. And the length of them are more than 12m. To acquire the road in TBS, we need a bus that length under 10m. So that the minibus would be the best fit for TBS I think.

    And I think once The Bus is released, you would add more stadtbuses to the pipeline as well.

  • This is great news and surprise for all of these plans.:) I am very happy with the free minibus and obtaining licenses for buses and work on Intercity Man . It's very nice that there will be more VDL and MAN buses in general as well as minibuses in my opinion is the perfect direction that enriches the simulators.

    In my opinion, using every bus and mini bus can be for every game. Gil would only be preserved the quality of models and physics, but I believe in it because you can do it perfectly. Even vehicles without a license obliges to the quality of driving and the model, you can also give it to the game and licensed also very happy to be able to get as many licenses for models. From what you know, you have excellent finished vehicle designs just waiting for licenses mk0 .

    For this message Gil need more maps, it is also important every map to the game gives a lot of good and DLC tasks like football such direction I think TML STUDIOS will be ok and of course we are waiting for pedestrians for Fernbus and AI trains. Efficiency is a very good thing and I am glad to hear the news from Gil because it is a great direction, I gave away what I think because it is also well-aimed. I was surprised by this message, I did not expect such development in addition. The bus congratulate and we wait patiently for the first minibus :) The very fact of these messages and additional vehicles gives me a lot of joy to apologize for the minor mistakes of the translator.

    Faster production of vehicles 3- 4 months is very glad :), Please, also develop new maps for Fernbus and task-oriented DLC, for example, for school excursions:), Tourist bus simulator - transporting of tourists to the airport or ferries at sea. these are my ideas for the game.

  • DavidGamer401 Yes, the minibusses will receive FlixBus repaints for Fernbus Sim just to fit the theme. Of course, FlixBus doesn't run any routes with minibusses in real life, but neither with intercity busses. So, these "unusual" vehicles will come with two repaints for Fernbus: One neutral repaint and a FlixBus themed repaint.

  • I just hope that Minibus will ride as well as buses because the vehicles Jeep Toruist bus simulator ,do not have the speed and physics behavior as well-polished as buses, I really hope that it will be refined as in buses. I believe that it will be possible to refine the model as well as driving physics and sound as it is in MAN buses. Then Minibus makes sense and comes close to realism, most players have steering wheels, which is why it is very important. If you can develop this topic Gil, please mk0  ;):fernbus:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • MBO530 basically the trailer behind is also for luggage but mostly for commercial good. That trailer is pulled by buses that travel crossborder, so yes. The passengers bring a lot of stuff with them such as furnitures

  • I think the next VDL bus will be VDL Citea, as it is ideal for The BUS, as well as for Fernbus Simulator and Tourist Bus Simulator.

    Wow, The double decker you're showing is Citea DD, aka DK15, which was specifically provided for BVG in 2015. It is also the ONLY ONE model in the world!8|

    My goodness, really hope TML could make it available for their games, as well as Citywide LFDD.

  • The step from the articulated Citywide, which is - I think - almost competed, to the Citywide LFDD wouldn't be so big instead of developing a complete new bus, which makes it very likely to come.