What’s the futur of the Fernbus Simulator game

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  • Hello, I write this post because I have a question which for me I may not understand correctly the operation of the development of Fernbus and TML. I would like to know if the DLC France will be the latest DLC map that will be created by TML the rest of the card expansions will only modable or if simply TML and Aerosoft develop the rest of the map later in DLC? Because according to several people the other expansions of map will be only modable and not created by the developers themselves. I would like to know because many people prefer to have the cards officially created by the developers of the game than by third-party readers. Waiting for an answer, I wish you a good day

  • So far nothing has been said regarding the end of Fernbus development. As far as I know the game I followed its development along with the Tourist Bus Simulator. Both games share the same code structure and use the same engine. The Bus is another game that shares the same codes. All this to distribute improvements to all games thus prologuing the useful life of the games. The Fernbus is a game released in the middle of its development so I followed in the evolution. The Tourist Bus Simulator is a mature and complete game because Fernbus features were downloaded.

    The question of maps made by the community through a tool of moddings is interesting if the developer develops a map well done. If it does not have quality nothing works. And to develop maps takes a lot of time. Few people venture to create. I like maps created for the OMSI 2 for example the map Projekt Szczecin and Tettau are well portrayed in relation to the real places. The problem that these community maps may disappear from Steam if the author resolve removes them.

    The maps made by TML were made available on Steam without altering anything other than being something pernamente. If TML develops other game modes the maps available for it will officially support the news and third parties will have to adjust the news so we are waiting for the creator of the map to make updates later.

    I believe that Fernbus will still have many news, maps and buses.

    The DLC Bundesliga is a great new addition to the game.

    I hope someone from TML also comments on.

  • Hey all! :)
    Well, I think France's going to be the last (Map-DLC)DLC for Fernbus Coach Simulator. But latest by then the Modding Tools MUST be released so potential modders can create new things for the simulation.
    You both think that new props made by modders won't be of a good quality. I would not be sure about that, because modders could also include new things except of maps or roads.
    And what should be mentioned, too: you will NOT HAVE TO install new things made by modders; in the optimum case you can scroll through a big list of maps, roads etc and DECIDE your favourite ones you want to install. :)