Football Team Bus DLC - Feedback & Wishes

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  • @robokosice13 You have to start it from Steam directly, then it asks whether you want to play Fernbus Simulator or Football Team Bus.

  • The DLC is for me a must have, realy like it, but I want to know, are we commited when we are playing at home, to walk each time to the field to simulate the match and then come back? I personaly don't care about this simulation of the match, I have a lot of interest for all the rest of the DLC so for me walk during minutes to the field is each time a wast of time.

    Also, how to lock the door when we are out of the bus with the doors closed? I had a player with foots stolen because of that


  • Wow! I'm really impressed with this DLC! :D

    I'm not the biggest fan of football but I'm loving all these features which you have implemented into this DLC. :)

    I'm loving the fact that we can hear the passengers (footballers) talking in the background! (Please bring this to vanilla Fernbus)
    The journey seems a lot more pleasant now. I've even experienced the footballers clapping and cheering after winning a match which is amazing :lol:

    As a football team bus driver, we now have a lot more responsibility to take on role like managing finances, shopping for snacks and beverages
    and inspecting and maintaining our coach. 8)

    I've enjoyed this DLC for 300 minutes straight and so far I don't think I have experienced any errors; apart from the fact I don't know how to lock the coach, like @iTrekx.

    Worth having DLC, even if you're not a fan of football! :thumbsup:

  • I am not a fan of this addon. So much so I have already requested a refund.

    My coach got stuck trying to enter the petrol station near Mönchengladbach stadium. Everything was visible but the 'floor' clearly wasn't there
    The walk from the coach to the stadium is too far.
    The budgets are too low.
    The tutorial should be longer helping me set up for the first match. Upon arrival at the match, tutorial should be complete (I didn't order a hotel as I pressed the wrong button accidently so I had a long drive the next day with no fuel topup, wash or supplies).
    Emails say 'be there ontime' but there is no actual time given. How can we be ontime for a time we don't know.
    The whole bus goes a very very low quality while driving. When stopped, if you give it a few seconds, it goes back to an alright quality but otherwise, you can see the MAN logo or any of the buttons.
    You get fined even if the crash is nothing to do with you (I got a fine because a car drove into the back of me.... I also got a fine because I hit a truck which decided it couldn't fit through the tunnel so hit the tunnel and spazzed out).

    To say not happy would be an understatement. I have stopped playing Fernbus lately due to the endless low graphics (unless you have the highest spec computer known to mankind), the traffic bugs and how boring and repetitive it becomes. I thought maybe this would make it better but I think I am wrong.

  • I have not yet had the pleasure of testing the DLC for work purposes and I arrived home tired. I hope that in a few minutes I can play this beautiful DLC. Months of waiting and finally I will enjoy something that I imagined for the game. As soon as I play a little bit I will have more information to share and leave my opinion. Thanks TML for listening to us and bringing a deeper content to the game. 8)

  • I am really enjoying this DLC, but I do have one request.

    Would it be possible to have a desktop shortcut for this DLC, so I don't have to open my steam library every time I want to play it, or have a button in the main Fernbus game menu (as was in the beta) please?

  • I'm really enjoying the new DLC, although many things need to be refined, to improve what was done. :)

    I found some positioning errors for objects.

    And note that I still have problems loading the textures in the bus panel, some buildings and tracks on the asphalt. ;(

    The errors are very visible and next to it I left the location where I made the screenshots. The last two images below mentioned the problem of loading the textures (the image is blurring and back to normal) and the other image shows the AI totally in conflict, thus stopping the flow in the street. :(

  • RUS Русский
    Всё DLC полный бред, до тех пор пока не будут решены проблемы с основной игрой, а так же с ранее выпущенными DLC (за которые заплачены деньги). Сделайте наконец-то Австрию, Австрией, Сделайте наконец-то Швейцарию, Швейцарией, а не кусочками Германии. Не успев устранить все те недостатки которые Вам указали игроки в игре, Вы тратите ресурсы на недоработанные платные DLC, исправьте уже выпущенные сначала.

    All the DLC is completely nonsense, until the problems with the main game are resolved, as well as with the previously released DLCs (for which money is paid). Make Austria at last Austria, Make Switzerland at last Switzerland, and not pieces of Germany. Not having time to eliminate all those shortcomings that you indicated to the players in the game, you spend resources on the unfinished paid DLC

  • The players traveled by train to Freiburg and I have to pick them up and go to the stadium with them.
    At the station I have the information "Let the players get in" but where are they?
    After opening the door I have the information "Drive to the stadium" but they are still not on the bus.

    I lost my driving pleasure, I will not be driving the ghosts of footballers and turned off the game,
    Please help or repair this error.

  • @AVSH

    In fact the game needs a lot more refinement, optimization mainly.

    The normal game needs me chores to stay attractive.
    The DLC despite being paid it is fun and with adjustments it will get even better.

    The game has improved a lot more, it needs several improvements.

    The biggest problem I have with the game is the failure of the textures as I mentioned several times in the forum. Simply put, this problem came along with an update last December and my game has never gone back to normal. Although doing all the mentioned methods like disabling the paintings of Workshop did not advance, reinstalling the game also did not solve.

    I hope some update will correct my problem.
    I play several current games on my PC and have never had texture problems.

    Despite this annoyance, I like Fernbus.

    My hope is the Tourist Bus Simulator will be released with fewer possible issues and better optimized.

  • The players traveled by train to Freiburg and I have to pick them up and go to the stadium with them.
    At the station I have the information "Let the players get in" but where are they?
    After opening the door I have the information "Drive to the stadium" but they are still not on the bus.

    I have invisible players too. :huh:

  • Greetings from @Martin 40 Bus: He's got the same problem like Juls2008 and Sami Nordlund: Since October his team changed into ghosts, too; he can't see them in front of the coach or in it, but he can hear them applauding and talking. But in September everything was normal.

  • 24th match and my team is visible again. :)

    Btw are some steam achievements broken? 25th match done and achievements like first matchday, 5th matchday and so on are still locked.