We are closing this forum

In recent years, a large and active community has emerged on our Discord server. Many members are therefore no longer active in this forum and contributions from new users were not answered or only answered late. We are therefore closing this forum with immediate effect. Old posts will still be visible, but it will no longer be possible to write new posts. You can find our discord server here: https://discord.com/servers/tml-studios-224563159631921152

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    Dear Community,

    today, I want to say goodbye as the Community Manager of TML-Studios. The team and I have decided to see this as the right step, after me wanting to follow my wish of putting more concentration onto my studies and other projects.

    I want to thank all of you awesome people for a great time here in this Community. I'm glad to have got to know you all. We've set up the TML-Studios forums a few years ago and after the latest upgrade of the software, it can only be more successful now. With Tourist Bus Simulator, The Bus, and more cool new projects, you're all definitely going to have a bunch of fun.

    No worries, I'm still going to be here, as part of the TML Online Team. This means though that I will not be online as often anymore, and I'm not the main contact person for any community or press related requests.

    So, see you then, thanks a lot!


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    That's so pity, I even waiting you to show us the most upcoming features in Tourist Bus. Anyway, I wish you have a happy and successful life in the future, just as a Chinese idiom said: May all your wishes come true 心想事成.

    I really love your Develop Diary, also your UndergroundBerlin video on your YouTube channel (hope you will frequently upload more awesome video of Berlin U Bahn in the future) .

    The very last. Thank you for solving our confusion of the games patiently. And thank you for bringing us so many amazing bus and underground simulation games. I sincerely hope you, and TML Studio has a bright future.

    All the best.

  • Thank you very much for all the time devoted to improve the game, answering all our tiring doubts, all the news related to new features and so on.

    You gave TML Studios a "human touch" which, in my humble opinión, is very highly appreciated by most of the community.

    I wish you all the best in your new projects.

  • It's hard to be original, so much has already been said. I wish you a good continuation and a lot of success in your projects.

    Thank you so much for all the work done, for your trust and patience.

    Life is like a book whose pages are turned. The memory remains, the future is unknown but the present is so exciting when you think about it. Thank you really for all these moments. See you soon !