Tourist Bus Sim - New Release Date: 6th December

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  • The release of Tourist Bus Sim will be postponed to the 6th of December 2018.

    The team here at TML Studios will use this time for additional polishing, bug fixing and performance optimisation to ensure that most of you guys will have a great first experience with our upcoming simulation and lots of fun on Fuerteventura.

    We know some of you already anticipated the release this month, but rest assured we will use these additional two weeks for your benefit.

    So, get your boots ready for a treat on Saint Nicholaus Day.

  • These are very important elements for the release of a good game, the work you are talking about Gil . It is worth to wait, I hope that Santa will be happy for all of us traveling ,simulaotr game . Tourist Bus Simulator :):thumbsup:

  • I really do accept postponing the game for refinement. I want to have a much better performance and experience than I had with Fernbus and other previous games. I hope this game is the best TML game so far.

    We in the community will be happy with a rich game and you will be rewarded for the great work.

    I'm a bus lover I expect a lot from this game. Since childhood, I dream of playing with these characters. Look, I'm 30 years old.

    Fernbus was the game that came close to what I dreamed of in bus games and the Tourist Bus Simulator seems more complete than I desire in games of the genre, I hope it is a reality when I play.

    You should put a pre-sales for the staff of the forum with a slight discount. Since I'm short of money to invest in games, it would be good for me and the forum staff that dedicates so much to TML games. ;(:P:lol::saint:<3:love:

  • So the improvement of errors and efficiency, economics game tasks is the most important for players as well as TML STUDIOS Daniel F , Fernbus is also a good simulator but it seems that different tasks in the game Tourist Bus Simulator will be more interesting and it will be the best position of TML STUDIOS games :):thumbsup:. we will all enjoy players, employees and also financial support. I hope there will be pedestrians on the streets and on the bus getting on and off and Polish language. maybe I repeat myself but these are very beautiful my dreams because I also like buses very much. For players forum what contribute a lot for games should be a discount and competitions to win the game I agree with this friend Daniel F , :):thumbsup: I made a suggestion on facebook to friend Alex_S about the possibility of help with game errors and ideas as a test player I hope that it will be a positive decision for everyone with a benefit in terms of the quality of the game. I am waiting for a response and thank you, best regards.

  • We appreciate that you understand this decision and of course we're always trying to improve our games in every aspect with each iteration. In a month's time you can give us your feedback if we succeded in this and made the right move. Surely, we cannot guarantee this experience for everybody, but hopefully for the most of you guys.


    Well, have fun on Fuerteventura and we hope, you'll recognize some places when you play Tourist Bus Sim when you come back from your vacation.

  • Thank you mk0 I will take some photos and I will post it on the forum. It is also thanks to the game, that me and my wife are going there. We were there 3 yars ago and when I looked to your screenshots from the game I wanted to go there once again. We weren't on holidays this year so we decide to go there. Now the prices are low, so it's good time for the travel. Additionaly we haven't visit whole the island last time when we were there (we went to Lanzarote for a trip), so in this year we are planing to go for a trip using turist bus :) We will stay 9km from Morro Jable. I thought I will play the game before the trip, but it's ok, when we return I will go there once again but virtually :)

  • Es ist schade, dass die Frage der russischen Sprache im Spiel ignoriert wird ... Ich habe eine kleine Gemeinschaft und die Leute warten auf eine Antwort.

    I am also asking for the answer whether it will be Polish. The community of players is waiting for answers, salts like Russian players. Please answer TML STUDIOS.

  • The game has good initial characteristics. Something I always criticized that Fernbus did not have. The Tourist Bus Simulator has the advantage of having Fernbus as a base bringing its features and improved optimization.

    In detail in the cities if compared to the reality I hope they are similar, I realize that the game is more detailed than in Fernbus.

    The management system of a company is attractive. Some car care is something that bus drivers do on a daily basis, on YouTube you will find several drivers showing their daily work.

    I hope that in fact other ideas suggested by the community are addressed just as happened with Fernbus. Really still lacking to implement good ideas that we suggest to Fernbus and to come to the new game.

    In most of the published videos we see pedestrians doing various things and hope that in the final game they are too.

    Something everyone wants is the passengers getting in and out of the bus in a natural way.

    The bus if getting dirty is also something interesting since we will wash the vehicle.

    Why wash something that does not look dirty?

    Unreal is able to delve into these visual effects lightly without impacting performace. Something remarkable in the Tourist Bus Simulator was the effect on dust and wind on the road. I can not say in relation to rains what to expect. I mention again what I saw in a video on the instagram of the TML where there is a heavy rain with realism where you can see the movement of water intelligently in the bus and asphalt.

    It is important to work the general physics of the game in both the weather and vehicles.

    The sonic part of the bus needs to evolve mainly the engine.

    I know it's difficult to have a perfect sound, closer to reality, it's possible.

    I travel by bus and I know a lot and I like the sounds the engines make. I live in South America (Brazil) and here we have different assemblers from the European (Marcopolo, Busscar, Comil, Irizar), but the engines and transmission are of well-known brands worldwide like Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Scania. I do a lot of research on this, and on YouTube I find recordings inside the bus and the sounds are similar to the buses found here in my country. I think it's important to have a good tone and play and listen to the gears being changed and everything related.

    TML really needs to do something similar to what SCS does in the sound area of vehicles, developers need to have the experience of driving the bus to hear the sounds that the bus makes when they are on the road. And also irregularities in the asphalt and record the reactions of the bus.

    Sorry for writing a book and publishing this SCS video by making a sound capture from a Scania Touring HD.

  • I have information in the form of a game release tomorrow Toruist Bus Simulator. There will be world languages from 11 countries.






    Simplified Chinese





    Brazilian Portuguese

    I think that the players and our colleagues from Brazil Daniel F other countries will be happy :):thumbsup:

    It was also my personal dream, I thank you TML STUDIOS, AEROSOFT, PeDePe. ;)

    Radio and passenger comments will be in German :):thumbsup:

    Problems with Polish translation will be fixed. Some of the text is in English yet in the game.

  • Martin 40 Bus I heard this news via Facebook (TML) I was happy to know that the game will have the Portuguese language (BR) available at launch. Although I understand a little English many words I do not understand. Always read texts in the source language. :S

    Our persistence regarding translations here in the forum had an effect. And I'm glad that the game will have so many languages, this is good for everyone. As said qbol will be money well spent buying the game because at the moment I like what I see. Looking forward to waiting for tomorrow. :love:8|8o