Tourist Bus Simulator - Your Feedback

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  • I think, fixing the light a little will do wonders. The bright areas are too bright, and the dark areas, as in, the shadows are too black. And increase the vibrance of the colors a little will do wonders for the visuals. Also, let me disable the film grain! #REeeE . Another thing, make the storm clouds darker, currently, they are too light, and if you look at them it almost looks like you are looking at a blue sky.

    Storm winds need to be fixed a little too, since the vegetation and other "flappy" objects looks like its having a seizure when the winds increase.

    Another thing that should be looked at, is the dirt road texture. Currently, it looks weird, as if it was a post-apocalypse road, with some still surviving road demarcation. Add some potholes, and uneveness on those roads too. Oh, and fix the controller vibration(also present on fernbus), smooth asphalt shouldn't feel like we are driving, at high speed, on a cobblestone road.

    Oh, and you guys should go over the scenery and fix the height of some objects, as even the NPCs will clip their head on some of the objects, which seems to be too low. Some floating objects need to be fixed, and clipping stuff, like the pathway for the Oasis park.

    I've added a couple of screenshots to show how much better a bit more of vibrance on the colors can be. In fact, using reshade colorfulness preset at around 0.400 to 0.500 seems to do the trick.

  • I6s is always a respectable high class coach. Flixbus is operating some i6s as well. Its design language is as attractive as Irizar always like.

    Actually, it's is an improve version of the old i6, the front looks more like the high-end variant i8. I love it.

  • The bus currently being built to play is MAN LION INTERCITY :/ so I think but further buses are always welcome kwakhanyadyasi  :):thumbup:

    great that you give different ideas photos, etc. all depends on our master Gil mk0 in modeling designing 3 D constructor buses from his hand came out, for example VDL BUS also if he decides to take this bus what you showed one is sure that it will be refined in 100 percent

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • My photos and videos are here on the forum but with games, your photos are original and cool:)

    it's nice that there are South African players here city Johannesburg Wakanda:):fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

    The works are currently in progress with 3 productions, i.e.

    1 Fernbus Coach Simulator

    2 Tourist bus simulator

    3 New game - The Bus

    performance work of games, map of France, new MLI bus and pedestrians and many more many surprises. You have to wait patiently to create a game

    I assure you that TML STUDIOS is working on everything and you need time to do what you say, but it will happen because we are all passionate about buses and we like these games and realism

    I assure you that this is not the last bus and map and maybe there will be fashion. Many new content functions, whether it's free,dlc pay or in the long term, maybe economics, let's enjoy what we already have kwakhanyadyasi :):thumbup:

    taken advantage of the occasion because you are a resident of southern Africa is congratulated on the strength of warmth in Poland in Europe is 32 degrees and the man is tired and uses fans is not for us weather but for you is excellent I know, you have such a climate.

  • My feedback for Tourist Bus Simulator: I tried TBS when it was published, but did NOT buy because it has economy and business management. I like coach

    driving sim (( not citybus )) exactly like Fernbus Sim, where I can be a regular driver with no business duties. --- other titles: Luckily we now know how to modify the economy and business meaningless on ETS2 and ATS, and there is bus and passenger mods for city to city moves.

    So that makes three long range coach driving games without management / economy. Lucky days for us drivers, driving oriented gamers. ( I'm a driver IRL also, cannot get enough:S )

  • in my opinion the best buses are doing TML STUDIOS I like the island of Fuerteventura, management and the same way I like the long routes in Fernbus I am very happy that fernbus will be constantly developed with new content of maps and buses:). tourist bus simulator optimization can include manual gear and fernbus, optymalization. new THB BUS project, a lot will be good. when it comes to SCS games, for me they do not have such a good physics and graphics, OMSI 2 buses have good sound and physics for me.:S

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • After two hours, the first trip done, and I already like it really a lot. My bad is I stick to the old too tight, and may miss good things. Like this new bus simulator. It is REALLY good! Thanks for your friendly attitude guys.

  • I agree with that, TBS is just a completely different taste from FBS. In FBS, you'll enjoy driving extremely fast on the modern European highway, exploring some cities in mini shape. But TBS doesn't, it is about solving the puzzle, collecting items, managing company and finding some secret hidden on the island. IMO, driving is more challenging. You could not drive so fast as in FBS, on one hand, you will get flipped, on the other hand, you would miss the beautiful scenery and interesting locations along the route. It is really a tough test for your driving skill.

    For The Bus, I can imagine something now. It might be about the busy traffic, sticking to the schedule, or even the Berlin Traveling Simulator.:P