Blocked Roads (White No-Entry) signage or Dark Grey Roads on Map

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  • Hi I would like to know, why there blocked sections of road in "free travel" mode? it just seems very odd that this feature would be in existance when there aren't supposed to be limitations as to what you can do or where you can go... it also seems as though these areas have been left unfinished and in a hurry as there are lots of errors present. Are there plans to finish off and unlock these areas in the future and why has this been done ?

  • Hey Myrddin ,

    no, those roads have not been left unfinished. Since Version 1.15 the wold is "complete". The roads which are closed are not meant to be opened in future, they are the world´s borders. You know, anywhere the developers have to stop the landscape; shuld they build roads untill the other end of the world?:)