Thrustmaster T150 Does not work with CBS Munich

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  • Hello, CBS Munich recognize my steering wheel (T150) but I can't use it in the game. It is blocked I can turn on it but in the game it doesn't turn also the pedals don't do it.

    Hope you could help me.

    Thanks in advance


  • Quarney Why does it take so much time to answer? I ask this question in january 2019, send a support ticket in august but still no answer.

    I understand that TML-Studios is a small company with a small team, that makes good games, very good games, I love them all. But in the meanwhile I can't play this game almost for a year. this is not so good because I like to drive in Munich. Hopefully you could help me now.


  • Hi Extrasuperkev,

    sorry you didn't receive an answer, I just spoke to our support team. The thing is, there were always problems with CBS Munich and steering wheels. Because of the age of the game, it is probably not possible to make it work with your T150, because it is just not compatible with most steering wheels. Sorry I can't give you a better answer

  • Hi Extrasuperkev I have this game, there are no Logitech and Thrustmaster steering wheels, it is known that it is sad, but fortunately TML STUDIOS understood that new games already have steering wheel support and very good because it is only a great advantage of this type of games and the joy and realism of players. Quarney he told you rightly here answering . Today, all those who do not play steering wheel games like vehicle simulators or races are losers because steering wheels are the basis for players today. The man from Russia who creates the WORLD BUS is going so bad, but it is already his loss because it will be very large in the sale of the game, but he can not do it but he could use the help or ask someone and he acts like a ram blocking me in steering wheel discussions, I also write about it in the topic of this BUS WORLD in this forum