Update 1.2.23630 - Released

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  • Right after the winter break, the second Update for Tourist Bus Simulator has been released. Thanks to your help we've developed a smooth update with a long list of changes.

    Not only have many bugs been fixed, but also a lot of features have been revised or improved. Just to pick out a few: The driver's camera can now also be adjusted in the SUV, service car and buggy as well, the additional garage halls are now accesible with the vehicles and there are finally audio dialogues for your passengers in 4 languages: English, German, Spanish and French !

    Detailed information can be found in the Changelog.




    • Speed cameras now control the players SUV, service car and dune buggy
    • Added missing items in bunkers 2 and 3
    • It is no longer possible get out of the vehicle during the refueling process
    • Sightseeing tour acceptance of hotels has been overhauled
    • The player no longer spawns inside the new bus, when choosing an existing bus as the vehicle to pickup the new bus and using fast travel
    • additonal minor fixes and improvements


    • The font size of the destination display has been adjusted
    • The amount of characters in the license plate has been limited to 7
    • In the control menu the entries "indicator up" and "indicator down" have been renamed to "indicator left" and "indicator right"
    • size of the action camera reduced
    • Correct odometer reading corrected on the buses
    • Navi display in the SUV and service cars now turns on in arcade mode when you load a score in which one sits in the vehicle
    • Mileage is now also taken into account during fast travel in the respective bus
    • Garage hall gates now also respond to player vehicles
    • additonal minor fixes and improvements


    • Manually placed paths for navigation will now be displayed when loading a savegame
    • The cost for the buyback of skill points is now displayed on the button
    • If you buy a new vehicle, in the vehicle overview the entry "Available at [date]", will now show "Available at the port" as soon as the vehicle is ready for pickup. In addition, at this point of time there's a button labeled "Show on map" which will refresh the navigation path to the pickup location as well as open the world map.
    • Symbol for delivery costs replaced (e.g. see spare parts delivery contracts)
    • Hotels are now always visible in the sightseeing planner (and grayed out while creating a route)
    • Player level is now displayed correctly in driver and vehicle selection
    • Localisation fixes
    • When purchasing a new bus, the license plate entry can no longer be canceled
    • Bug was fixed in which under certain circumstances the date for bus pickup was prematurely deleted
    • When purchasing a new bus, a license plate is now automatically generated, which can be changed as desired
    • Note added if an license plate ID has already been assigned
    • Added driver camera menu to SUV, service car and dune buggy (press TAB and click on the Seat/Eye-Icon to open the menu)
    • Fixed an incorrect button in the shift schedule menu
    • Fixed incorrect display in the HUD
    • Some additional minor UI fixes
    • Fixed a wrong message box when completing a shuttle tour ("Passengers left at a stop")
    • News button added to the main menu
    • Fixed images not loading in news window
    • additonal minor fixes


    • Added audio dialogues for passengers on all tour types in four different languages: Spanish, English, German and French
    • Existing passenger audio dialogues for shuttle services and sightseeing tours exchanged and expanded
    • Ambient sound levels adjusted for exterior and interior situations
    • additonal minor fixes


    • Fixed AI vehicles driving into the yard of the apartment at the east
    • Fixed some graphic bugs in the game world
  • Finally I am getting to play the Tourist Bus Simulator after weeks suffering with a fatal error that prevented me from playing. I played for a few hours today and I'm doing well. In these few hours I noticed some bugs.

    1 - The first five images the buildings are glued to the street there is no sidewalk, the buildings are positioned correctly? The location is in the neighborhood where we started the game, first desk.

    2 - In image six in the beginning of the night I found floating stones. I left the location in the next image.

    3 - Something I still do not understand is fueling the bus, I always drive to the gas station and when I fill the vehicle completely I can not confirm the payment and leave the station with the bus fully stocked. When I finish filling the bus tank has no button to confirm the purchase of gasoline just the cancel button.

    I want to know if I'm doing something wrong or it's a game failure.

    4 - AI behaving badly especially in crossings, several times I wait for all cars to pass and it is stopped and when I advance AI accelerates and closes the street and I have to maneuver to try to enter the street that I want.

    Sometimes the cars are stopped at the intersection and I get stuck between the cars, then it goes against the other hand at the risk of crashing in front of some vehicle.

    5 - Explanation menus in 1280x1024 resolution do not adjust to resolution, they are cut off. Last image.


    1 - When the official when sick or suffering an accident should appear this information in the report of the official on the days that he is not working.

    2 - The character should be tired and sleepy also having the need to go home and sleep.

    3 - Some passengers should have luggage to put in the bullet compartment of the bus. Mainly airport and hotel services.

    4 - The drinks and food bought in the markets should be supplied by the bus manually so you distribute the amount for each bus you want.

    5 - Lack of customization of the interior of the bus like upholstery of the seats, floor, wheels and hubcaps (that of the mother is very simple).

  • @up

    about filling up the bus refueling:

    Try changing the language version to English before refueling.

    I had a similar mistake with the employment of an employee on the Polish language version, I could not confirm it.

    Now I play the English version and it's ok

  • Daniel F I'm very sorry for you because of your problem refueling the bus.:(

    Well, in the Spanish and the German version refueling works quite well, but I don't believe that the problem may be resolved by changing the language. I've been following your posts on the forum here, and your problem doesn't seem to be resolved by updating or re-installing the game. But of course it is worth trying it by changing the language, and I really hope that you can solve that annoying issue and enjoy the game!:thumbup::)

  • Daniel F

    Based on your description, the refuelling steps are working as intended.

    This is how you refuel your bus.

    1) Park your bus in the refuelling area.

    2) Switch off the engine.

    3) A menu should pop up with two buttons (Refuel / Cancel). Press Refuel.

    4) The yellow bar on the right starts going up. Numbers (fuel and money) start to increase. Wait until the gas tank is full.

    5) The gas tank is now full. The Refuel button turns grey. You can only press Cancel now.

    Note that you do not need to confirm your payment because the moment you press refuel (step 3) you have confirmed your payment already.

    In step 5, although you have to press cancel, it doesn't mean you cancel refuelling. It simply means close the menu.

    As the last step, start the engine again and check the readings in the cockpit. The pointer pointing to the right means full gas tank. Your bus should be good to go.

    Some tips for driving through intersections.

    1) Always stop when you see the stop sign. There are prioritised roads and side roads. AI cars driving on main roads will never give way to you if you attempt to drive out of the side road. There is always a stop sign as well as marking on the street telling you it's a side street.

    2) There is not enough space for a bus (not even the shorter version of the coach) to make any 90 degree turns at an intersection in a town, without crossing to the opposite lane. The AI cars, however, know how to stop their cars earlier to spare the space for you. It doesn't matter whether you are on a main road or side road. You have to stop your bus in front of the intersection, switch on the correct turn signal, and wait for the AI cars to stop at that sweet spot. Note that this doesn't always happen. You have to be patient. Sometimes you have to wait until all cars have passed through.

    3) The fact that an AI car stops doesn't mean it is trying to give way to you. AI cars follow the same rules in POINT 1.

    But I do agree the AI cars mess up at the intersections once in a while. They will all stop and you will be stuck in a traffic jam forever.

  • Sometimes AI cars are stopping in the middle of the intersection for no reason, blocking my way. It can help if you temporary turn on your right (or left) indicator, then they start to drive again. Well, something seems to be a bit messed up regarding how AI is understanding what you are about to do...

  • Sometimes AI cars are stopping in the middle of the intersection for no reason, blocking my way. It can help if you temporary turn on your right (or left) indicator, then they start to drive again. Well, something seems to be a bit messed up regarding how AI is understanding what you are about to do...

    I adjusted the traffic density to 30.You can try it.

  • There are errors in the car wash when washing the bus SETRA , NEOPLAN once I blocked my brush when washing the SETRA bus.

    washing and polishing is not correct, as you can see in the movie. brushes do not work all over the bus, polishing goes on the buses and mirrors

    Neoplan bus painting has an error, white surfaces remain, see the movie , I hope that the mistakes we show will be fixed.

  • fhqbiu

    Thanks for leaving a detailed explanation on the subject. ;)

    Actually AI often gets in the way at certain times, TML will have to adjust this over time. And your tips will be useful for dealing with situations on the roads and especially within cities.

    Decreasing traffic as well as helping in the maneuvering of small streets helps in computer performance. So we have two benefits.

    I did not have time to play last week because of the city change and I was without internet for a week. They released the Neoplan and ComfortClass DLCs and I did not take advantage of it because I needed the internet to update the game. Maybe this weekend I will be happy to play now that they have installed internet in my residence.

    Martin 40 Bus
    Great pictures and videos, later I will watch carefully and leave my comments on YouTube. :):thumbup:

  • During a trip I received an SMS from a broken bus.
    my phone has been blocked since everything overlaps. I can not accept the arrangement of the bus, nor can I continue with my trip since the buttons on the phone do not react to the clik.
    solve it please. The language in my game is Spanish.

    other error.
    the murderous umbrellas. You pass by their side and hit the bus, increases the damage to the body ... then the umbrellas disappear.

  • I would like to suggest something, can we get a new dlc mini bus as when playing tourist bus simulator i find it very hard to drive without crashing, also i have found a bug when i picked a medium route and ran it then got to the last stop it did not register and didnt give me any xp or anything and it still thinks im on this run.