Show your company

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  • Hi,

    Present your company: show the bus fleet, your home and everything that you consider your success in the game.

    My company is Fuerta-Tour, I have 11 buses and I employ 14 drivers and 1 guide:

    My favorite bus is the Neoplan:

    Sometimes I drive Setra Comfotr Class or these MANs

    I plan to buy several more buses, my garage is under construction.

    Despite good financial results, I have 2 modest apartments, one of them

    One day I would like to buy this apartment by the sea, it is very expensive, that's why I continue to develop my company.

    I invite others to the presentation :)

  • This is my company:

    My company is called FuertevenTOURS S.L.

    As you can see in the screenshots, I have 4 drivers, 1 mechanic, 1 guide (I've just dimissed one) and 5 buses (3x MAN LC, 1x MAN LCC, 1x Setra ComfortClass S 515 HD).

    At the moment my only apartment is the one you have to buy to complete the tutorial in Antigua. Later I'll buy the Villa El Vengador between Pto. del Rosario and Corralejo (3rd and 4th screenshot).

  • So cool idea, here I come;)

    I call it TML Reisen, and I have 12 buses in total.

    Lion's Coach is the main force of my company, I have four Lion's, and used to have a C type, but it retired some weeks ago. Later, I bought three Comfortclass, (515x1, 516x1, 519x1), and a Skyline to expand my fleet.

    The license plates style all based on my mother city: Guangzhou.

    The Local buses will mainly run travel service, Rosario Line is used for the shuttle service. Yellow one is specifically for the sightseeing tour.

    The BC975.

    The AE200, also the only shuttle bus in my company, long time haven't been washed.

    The AZ540, used as a sightseeing bus, only serves the journey in the north part of island.

    The AE639, the most busy bus in my company.

    Here's the schedule.

    My financial situation.

    I spent so many budget to expand so I have few money to buy a better apartment, but I would have one in the future. juls2008 did you said the Revenger? I love that house too. :thumbup: