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  • I have a question regarding to driving physics.

    During last Gamescom, I heard Chris in a video saying that DLC bus from Fernbus will be availlable for TBS and perhaps for"CBS The bus" too. I don't know is this was a mistake or not, but it would be exciting to drive with a Skyliner into the new multiplayer game.

    (But that's not my question, that's only the reason why I ask the question).

    Is driving physics linked to the game or to the vehicle (certainly both).?

    for example, Fureteventura is not at same scale as the Fernbus map, so i assume that driving physic is different. And as CBS the bus will probably have a 1:1 scale, it's also something different. I'm right or not ?

    So : the behaviour of a Skyliner would be different in CBS than in Fernbus, isn't it ?

    I also assume that writing driving physics is something that has a, how can I say.. a computer cost (need a lot of ressources).

    I often wonder why OMSI gives so much sensation (excuse me to compare). I think for OMSi , it's a subtle balance between sounds and head movement.

    I think the subject is fascinating !

  • Great question.

    The question of scale changes the physics of the vehicles I believe.

    Good to argue about this even because I have a very strong opinion about the physics of the vehicles something that I comment on this forum since the launch of Fernbus. The OMSI comparison is very good, the game can have several problems but has a great physics, community of mods create great vehicles and use much of what the game can offer matching with the sounds that approach the real sounds. And with this thought I believe that TML should take of example and work better in the physics and sounds connected to the bus. I posted a video capture image and sounds of a Scania Touring HD made by SCS so it's another example.

    Recently TML published a video on YouTube showing climatic reactions and this is encouraging now it is necessary to start a work of physics with the vehicles and raise the simulation a little.

    It is important to bring vehicles with manual gearbox.

  • community of mods create great vehicles and use much of what the game can offer matching with the sounds that approach the real sounds.

    LOTUS has already provided an alpha version and an editor tool to encourage modders from OMSI to help develop the game.

    These are professionals and create great maps and buses.

    TML Studios has a different plan to provide tools for the game, I think it is a strategic mistake, without the help of outside physics of movement and above all, the sounds will not be at the level of OMSI now.

    The BUS will compete with LOTUS in city maps and LOTUS will have help in the mapper community, and there is no such and no one knows when TML-Studios will be.

  • So manual clutch is the basis just like good sound and physics in the game :):thumbup: Daniel F

    the topic is for everyone and no one is waiting when TML STUDIOS says something because most talks are run by players, if you would have to wait too long to wait for answers from TML, I consider your remarks unfounded, but you have the right LT586 no one will wait a week to get an answer that's why we're talking here.

  • I gather the responses are minimal but we're all entitled to our opinions, in our country, the UK, free speech is a given, we're not under strict rule like some parts of Europe. I just would like to hear from the team themselves.

    What the time you have there dread? 12 o Clock Natty. :thumbup:

  • I gather the responses are minimal but we're all entitled to our opinions, in our country, the UK, free speech is a given, we're not under strict rule like some parts of Europe. I just would like to hear from the team themselves.

    I always speak only for myself, never for TML employees, as you say is the freedom of expression about the topic, why can I also have my opinion, if TML STUDIOS does not see any problem in that I often answer, I help someone, why do you see problems? :/ . It's time you would respect my opinions and help for many people. thank you, respect people and do not create artificial problems. TML STUDIOS - I spend a lot of time working so I try to help people here because I have time for it

  • juls2008
    I follow the LOTUS project on Facebook and YouTube, although I follow them many times I let some information pass and you have left me updated on, thank you.

    I believe that the creators of OMSI are now mature and have a solid project. The OMSI despite being a great simulator in both physics and sounds it is flawed in execution. Developers create little content and the ones they create are extremely expensive and there are no bug fixes. What sustains the game is the community that uses the full potential of the game.

    Martin 40 Bus  Yannick [FR]  LT586  Don_Castor  qbol  MBO530

    Coming back, TML evolved when TBS was published, the game improved compared to Fernbus, for me the biggest impact was on the game's visuals with more caprice in the details, some visual effects are also interesting and the management part is very interesting, logical that if we think about it well it may be even better, but it is only wishes of us who play.

    Now some things remain the same as Fernbus and I do not know if it will change. As mentioned lack improvement in the physics and sounds of the vehicles. Regarding the weather I know that TML does its experiments and I do not know if it came into practice in the public version.

    After leaving Chris we were lost in the information issue although we had no news of the weather.

    By the end of 2017 we had been told what was going on behind the scenes.

    And I do not even think there are so many questions so to clarify the majority I always discussed the same desires and problems.

    Lacking mixes what TML wants for its games in the future and what the community wants.

    I as creator do what is within my reach, I create the paintings for Fernbus and TBS. I receive many messages requesting paintings, mostly from people from South America.

    People come to me on Steam, Instagram or Facebook plus there are so many requests that it takes months to post a request. I create in my free time that by the way is limited, work so much that when I get home I'm exhausted.

    Even so, I turn on my computer and work on paintings when I have a disposition.

  • Hey there,

    I try to answer some of your questions as good as I can.

    The physics will be the same for a specific vehicle in all games. There is only one exception: driving on a slope is a bit different because in FBS and TBS there are slopes that are steeper than in reality (caused by the scale).

    Much more differences will be in the different vehicles. City busses behave different to coaches in gearbox, suspension and more. Even the "feeling" can be very different. When we released the Neoplan Skyliner many players said that the physics is much better than in the Lion's Coach. The most difference between these coaches is the height of the driver/camera. In the Skyliner the camera is at the height of a city bus. It feels much more like in previous games like OMSI or CBS.

    I think we've created a good physics base system. I know there are some missing features like manual shifting with clutch and more. We have this in mind and want to improve physics in the future but there are other things that have more priority like modding, etc.

  • We have this in mind and want to improve physics in the future but there are other things that have more priority like modding, etc.

    Your idea is great, and you just mentioned the modding, I think the modding tool could be helpful to solve the physic problem. Because I've heard from many that they supposed Fernbus driving experience is not the SAME as ETS2, so they disapproved the game, I think these are all bullshit. But as Gil said mk0 everyone does have his favorite. So I think is it possible to adjust the bus physics by modding? Maybe not just physics, also the oil tank, the maximum speed, the gearbox and anything else. Modders would create some wonderful mods to make it feels better.

  • Thnaks for the answer Mathias . We know that you have lack of time and it was nice to give us those elements. Knowing what's behind the scene is so interesting !

    Regarding to hills, I assume that it was something really diifcult to manage because you made a simulator (created on real physic rules) but in an unreal (I like playing with words...) world.

    Another difficulty is to satisfy all players : those (like me) who are in search of reality, and those who are in search of arcade. In fact, a compromise difficult to find, unless you have two very distinct modes.

    So thank you, very intersting !

  • I like it when someone from the TML team joins the discussion.

    and discusses the issues.

    The vehicles behave differently from each other and this is important. As Yannick [FR] said some of us looked for simulators with more reality and we fled a bit of the arcade part.

    Even because the goal is still to drive for a long time on the roads and with a greater degree of realism in braking, shifting and acceleration and deceleration, we have greater care in driving. In addition to the weight of each vehicle influencing the behavior of the vehicle together with the type of terrain. I believe this brings added value to the game and enhances the fun. An arcade setup is required for basic players.

    I do not have a steering wheel in the moment I use control of the Xbox, in the future I intend to get a steering wheel from Logitech and I believe that playing with the manual gearbox should be exciting allied to a different physics.

    The internal sounds of the vehicles improved, before there were no internal vibrations on the bus on rough terrain and are currently present in the game.

    What is still missing is the vehicle receiving this impact and seeing the bus actually vibrate (move) when passing in a hole or something of the genre. The camera I believe I should get this motion impact too.

    All I discuss is just wishes, I miss these points when I'm playing. Logico that never directed a bus in the life more years I travel of buses since child and I watch several videos of professional drivers so some things I can leave my opinion. This does not apply in a rule just an opinion of a fan of buses and simulators. I believe that TML has the capacity to improve what has already been done.

    Today on the YouTube channel of TML was published an interesting video on the physics of rain, I liked what was shown the reaction of the water is very good.

    My question is whether the water reaction applies only to the vehicle or also to the terrain, objects, houses, etc.?

    Despite so many requests for memoirs I see that TML listens to us, recently two videos on climate reactions have been published, something I commented on for a long time in the forum that should be improved. I'm happy with the changes. I hope the water reaction applies along with the vehicle, displacement and terrain. Example would be this own video published in the instagram of TML.