(EN) Update 1.20. - Beta

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  • Update 1.20.24913 - Beta


    This version adds only a single, but a crucial fix for the Neoplan Skyliner lights to work properly.

    The tests are going very well so far and the Update 1.20 should be released within the following week.


    So, after we've launched Tourist Bus Sim a while ago we can finally release the latest update as a beta version to Fernbus Sim.

    Most notably in this update will be the optimized loading times and the new weather effects. And as requested, we've added a new mode to the mouse control. But we have been fixing a lot of bugs too which were bothering the community and us as developers a lot.

    Detailed information can be found in the Changelog below.

    New Weather for Fernbus/ Tourist Bus/ THE BUS

    Fernbus Simulator new rain effect

    By testing this update and sending us your feedback you can make sure this update will be released smoothly and eventually with additional fixes too.

    ATTENTION: This is a BETA Update. Please note that this version can cause technical problems and/or may cause instability of your computer system.

    How to install the beta version of the update?

    Quite easily:

    1. In your Library you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "Fernbus Simulator"
    2. In the drop-menu you click on the entry "Properties"
    3. In the window "Tourist Bus Simulator - Properties" you select the tab "BETAS"
    4. In the field "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" select the entry "beta-"
    5. Now you can close the window and the beta version of the update should download right away
    6. After downloading the update you can start the Tourist Bus Simulator via the "PLAY" button
    7. In the main menu should now be the corresponding version number of the beta version of the update and you can test the update




    - Loading times have been optimised

    - New weather system

    - Rain effect on windshield updated

    - The destinations of invalid passengers have been updated

    - Resting request of passengers in an empty bus has been fixed

    - Bird sounds deactivated during rain

    - Fixed incorrect times and sorting of rests in the route plan display

    - Passenger comments have been reduced while the bus is not moving (e.g., after or before a break)

    - Updated frequency and probability of passenger comments

    - Radio can now be heard outside the buses: Volume depends on the distance to the bus and if doors are open

    - Added additional mode for vehicle mouse control without acceleration and braking

    - UI sounds are now responding to the master volume level

    - Bug fixed: In the route selection menu with activated help window for mode selection, the "Freeplay" Mode spawned the player without the bus high up in the air

    - In the minimap (HUD), a symbol for the retarder is now being displayed when activated

    - Events for vehicle malfunctions have been fixed

    - Reversing signal range of the buses increased

    - Updated bus stop symbols on the map: During the route, only the stops of the current route are now displayed on the map

    - Updated bus stop symbols on the map: Bus stops that have not yet been unlocked now have a new symbol

    - Updated bus stop symbols on the map: Stops outside the current radius of the player profile are now marked with a red symbol

    - Size of action cameras has been adjusted

    - Loading of the preview images of Mods fixed


    Additional Changelog 1.20.24383

    • The following have either been fixed or changed:
    • Falling streetlights in vehicle selection menu
    • MAN Lion's Coach C: Wiper effect on front shield misplaced
    • Lightning flashes and thunder in tunnels and other interiors
    • Coaches floating near Stadium, Munich, Germany
    • Buildings float in the air (road 9, near Karlsruhe)
    • New trees are too bright
    • AI cars disappear at a junction in Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Disabled/Grey junction on GPS/Navi Map but drivable in Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Mirror images poorly visible through rain effect on the front shield or driver window

    • Directory of cached textures
    • MAN Lion's Coaches and Neoplan Skyliner don't switch to the 12th gear
    • Highscore is not being updated
    • When loading a savegame with another bus type from a running game, the repaint of the bus in the loaded savegame will not load
    • Thunder is audible in the Main Menu
    • The label of the weather on the button does not update according to the chosen weather
    • MAN Team Bus: Interior of the front shield is greatly distorted
    • AI-Busses: Material on front shields is buggy
    • ComfortClass HD: 517 loading wrong exterior mesh
    • ComfortClass HD: Bus does not accelerate from the bus stop in Arcade Mode


    Additional Changelog 1.20.24602

    The following have either been fixed or changed:

    • Fatal Error crash when unloading a level with new building materials
    • Updated lighting system
    • Updated traffic light flow in cities of Germany
    • Some level art fixes
    • Weather in the vehicle selection screen doesn't update when de- / synchronisation the date
    • Route Editor: All cities symbols are marked as unlocked
    • ComfortClass HD: Variant 517 shows artefacts in the mirrors
    • ComfortClass HD: Chrome stripes on some variants missing


    Additional Changelog 1.20.24864

    • The following have either been fixed or changed:
    • "Fatal Error" Crash when playing the game
    • "Fatal Error" Crash starting or closing the game
    • Lighting System update
    • Landscape material textures updated
    • Texture memory pool optimization
    • Traffic light flow updated in all cities, incl. DLC Switzerland & Austria
    • Various environment and level bugs
    • New tree LODs appear too bright and green
    • Driver Windows Open/Close command makes RANDOM camera preview
    • Profile: Next Level Progression % missing at Level 3
    • Resting sometimes not possible in Rest Areas
    • Mirror Images in HUD too dark at night
    • Inactive bus stop display option doesn't work
    • Some speed limits in navigation display don't match signs
    • AI-Coaches driving without license plates
    • Lag when clicking on "Start Game" in the main menu


    Additional Changelog 1.20.24913

    The following have either been fixed or changed:

    • Neoplan Skyliner: Exterior and interior Lights do not work properly

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  • For a moment, I only turned on the weather with a storm, a great effect of clouds and thunder with lightning.

    I do not know if this is a game bug but ...

    The last 2 weather options are not activated (no backlit changes)

    Poor drop effect on the glass roof despite strong rain

  • Hey, thanks for the feedback. Actually, that's not a bug, because there's usually no fog during the season you've chosen. Just like there will be no snow available during August.

    The roof windows still use the same old shader, because you usually don't see them as often and the new shader for the frontshield is quite demanding.

  • Errors and my opinions after short tests mk0

    1 Very good rain, drops on windows and sound :):thumbup:

    2. Fog is great options, but when we set snow and fog, there is too little fog. you should give just as much fog in the option of fog with snow. the fog option itself is great, its a lot

    3.The storm is great, but it's good to hear the lightning outside the cabin, you can hardly hear the cabin - you should give a louder cabin thunderbolt

    4.not enough in winter, even in February there is snow flakes and snow on the streets too little, you should increase the petals and give more snow on the street would be

    5.unfortunately, dynamic weather does not work at all despite choosing the option, the game does not change at all I do not know why :/

    6. ComfortClass S517 HD - when we change the color, bus wheel two are bad and painting is bad.

    7. the choice of weather options does not change the subtitles at the bottom, as you can see in the movie , the sun is all the time

    8. on the second film I set the dynamic option and as you can see it does not work all the time because I have the sun

    the changes and the works are great, but I have not checked everything today but if you improve everything I wrote, it will be a great thing with the weather. I hope that also pedestrians and passengers for the game will come soon, car washes, shops, driving trains and barriers, bus repairs , Truly a great job, it deserves a lot of recognition because it's very real game here other games that I know do not have a chance with what TML STUDIOS does, the weather system is so beautiful and real that all the time gives joy and realism and I want to continue to drive thank you TML STUDIOS because it pleases me and many people. :)^^:thumbup:. It's great that this system will be in tourist, the bus.

  • At first run, I still get the bug with no preview picture of mods.

    I can confirm that. At second run the pictures appeared.

  • Thanks for all your reports! The ComfortClass HD 517 is going to be fixed and ... well ... that's a hover car :whistling:

    Thank you very much Gil mk0 , if you correct the 8 points that I described and this dynamic weather system would work it will be a really great Fernbus update, I'm glad you'll fix Setra vehicle :), words Mathias I am also happy that we can look forward to the manual gear , clutch steering wheels , this is also an essential element of the bus simulator, I know that you understand it perfectly just like us. This will give you a great ride as well as the weather system. :):thumbup:

  • Fernbus 1.20.24174 Beta Bugs

    1) All number plates on coaches are showing ERR-31892 instead of correct city identifier example: ZH-31892.

    2) Comfort Class S517 HD model is broken, wheels misaligned and texture location broken.

    3) Passengers don't walk onto the bus.

    4) tunnel linking Zurich with Konstanz is glitched, the sections where the tunnel has areas to pull into and stop at show rain coming into the tunnel and show a speed limit of 100 kph.

    5) when using the full screen map, it's zoomed out, and not focused on your current route.

    6) sometimes get fatal error notifications, mostly occurring upon starting the game, but also occurring when in-game and in the Football team bus DLC.

    7) Cars enter Zurich spawn point area.

    8.) invisible walls on roads in Konstanz have not been fixed.

    9) Dynamic weather broken and not working.

    10) repaints slow to render (10-20 Seconds).

    11) AI blocks junctions and causes traffic jams.

  • Wcześniejsze

    Point 2 and point 9 I will report will be fixed in the next BETA FERNBUS update as well as other applications that we all give here. you can read about it on the forum about it, Gil information TML STUDIOS.

  • Of course, on page two, message number 25 read Gil mk0 - there is a lot of information about the planned work, there is information about the new map of France DLC during the works, there are also improvements to rain, etc. read Cuzzy [TML Studios] :):thumbup:

    Update 1.20 - Beta

    Look at the link and read the forum from today yesterday there is a lot of information and today Regards Cuzzy [TML Studios]

    Update 1.20. - Beta