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  • I thought that on the forum you can create a very interesting topic, which will show what are the games of similators and discuss the basics for everyone present on youtube channels and in this forum. This idea was born together with my colleague Dynek:thumbup:, Together, we will work to develop these beautiful passions which are simulator games. I deal with gameplay , recording. A colleague is doing channel programming program shortcut of works. It will be a topic for everyone who is willing to participate in it with their voice, idea, etc. We will present games mainly TML STUDIOS: Fernbus Coach Simulator , Tourist Bus Simulator , as well as trains and other games. I think that everyone will like the idea, the advertisement of TML STUDIOS products and we will all have fun here :):thumbup: .

    1. It presents a longer episode of my game today- Train Sim World , the game is very interesting about the areas and interesting models of trains. Today's route runs along the old route of the British lines. 20-mile route of the preserved West Somerset Railway from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead, the longest standard gauge heritage railway in Britain , BR Class 47, D1661 ‘North Star.

    The technical aspect is very interesting because it uses the Unreal Engine 4 engine . Powered by Dovetail Games’ proprietary SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine and Unreal Engine 4® technology.

    she reminded me to tell my friend Daniel F - often referred to the camera side window, in bus games. I think this is a great idea, my train is also shown in my movie. I think that many will like it, maybe even such an idea will appeal to TML STUDIOS this will everything possible. I'm sorry because the game works smoothly, but the program cuts me a bit. I invite everyone and have fun :):thumbup:

  • It is quite real, but people also disappear, there are places on the map where they enter the fence and places and disappear. all the time the, passengers , pedestrians on the streets are corrected juls2008 . for me, the appearance of models of people is better in TML STUDIOS games.

  • Martin 40 Bus

    Changed the title of the thread from “Various movie Simulators gameplay ,photo and discussions” to “Various simulators: movies of gameplay , photos and discussions”.
  • My suggestion to change the name of the topic: "Various simulators: movies of gameplay , photos and discussions"

    I think the topic is good, Dynek he proposed it

    Bus design DRISTUR - wonderful our colleague Yannick [FR] :):thumbup: does professional painting for buses.

    Today is a nice tour on the island Fuerteventura bus MAN LION COACH C .

    You can see the beauty of the island's landscape and detailed areas

    I'm driving the controller - Thrustmaster T 300 RS GT - mounted hoop whell 33cm

    Rally wheel Add-On Sparco R383 MOD turn range setting 900 degrees, compatible with the bus and steering arms.

    I think that the 59-minute movie will appeal to many people, I will add that there are two errors visible in the film that I think will be solved. Vanishing passengers instead of entering the bus smoothly, The movement of AI vehicles does not load into the game.

    I would like to add that the colors of sharpness and brightness are beautiful here, they were in the version 4.19 Fernbus and I hope that the same will appear in the fernbus version 4.20 that the players are waiting. We all know that the work continues with lighting and I believe that it will be good because I believe in the skills of TML STUDIOS and Timo, It's a matter of time and patience, have fun and I invite you to discuss the nice watching. The movie is a thank you for the work of TML STUDIOS, for relaxation and joy dedicates him to the community and the creator of the game :):thumbup:

    ally Whee

  • Martin 40 Bus

    Changed the title of the thread from “Various simulators: movies of gameplay , photos and discussions” to “Discussions on various simulation games”.
  • I like simulators in general plus my admiration has always been for buses (Coach as it is denominated in Europe).

    I always looked for some bus game in this style and the only ones existing were the urban bus like OMSI or the previous TML games.

    OMSI attracted me because of the MODS of maps that depict real places and some models of buses mainly because of its naturalness that reminds me of the Scania, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz engines of the buses of the Brazilian automakers (Marcopolo, Busscar and Comil). Despite the similar tone of the engine and other components they are urban buses and ran away from what I really wished was the dream of playing some game dedicated to trainers.

    In 2011 I found on YouTube a Gameplay of the game Bus and Cable Car Simulator I was very excited but my PC was not good enough to run the game I stayed months watching the videos on YouTube until I could buy another PC and play it. Since then I have been a fan of TML.

    With the arrival of Fernbus I almost cried when they announced a game of Coach. I was waiting almost a year for its release and once again I needed to update my PC and get until the launch.

    Currently both games of the category please me mainly the Tourist Bus.

    I always leave my ideas about what games need because I'm passionate about buses. Despite the desire for many improvements I am happy that TML is dedicating itself to bug fixes and doing a job of refinement together with optimization. This is the way to have a successful product in the next few years. And with these improvements the DLC of maps and buses will have a better use and satisfaction to the community.

    Returning to the subject mentioned really the passenger's camera is something necessary reminds me when I travel by bus.

    This video below reminds me of the moments when I'm traveling and it would be nice to have the same sensation in the games.

  • Your story about the passion for buses, the computer equipment of the camera is quite similar to mine , I was waiting before the premiere of Fernbus for 6 months of this project . Finally the game appeared ,I am very happy because the game is still being improved and it is already at a high level, I also like tour buses and TML games the most, more like OMSI 2, I also changed the computer. The passenger's view camera would be an interesting option, it can be done because we have, for example, a top camera on the Neoplan bus, a view camera. the side camera which in your movie can be introduced and our dream will come true Daniel F :), I would like to, and this is on the list of works from what I know, enter the game manual gerbox, clutch for steering wheels. Tomorrow will present gamplay Fernbus Coach Simulator the new version of BETA.

  • Hey Daniel F , it's really nice hearing about your passion on coaches. I've discovered Fernbus Simulator in a random German video on YouTube back in the summer of 2016 (although I first discovered TML's Bus Simulator 2012 back in the day). I was really excited as I too always wanted to play a coach, not bus, simulator but there sadly weren't any, apart from the outdated Bus Driver or Mods in ETS2. At first I thought that Fernbus was going to be another android-like game but after seeing footage of it the graphics and the potential stunned me! The fact that I could actually drive a coach that I've driven before in real-life was really exciting. I used to do regular journeys between Poland and the UK, despite them being very long, and even more expensive than plane tickets sometimes! Maybe one day I'll be able to recreate a route in Fernbus going from the Poland to the UK :)

    I also agree with you Martin 40 Bus , a passenger's view camera would be a very interesting option. Imagine if we could actually get on other AI coaches and ride them as a passenger! :huh:

    I've attached two photos of the Sindbad-Eurobus coaches (Setra & Irizar/Scania), possibly from 2016, taken in the Waiting Terminal Area for the Euro Tunnel (Le Shuttle), Calais, France. Unfortunately these are the only photos I have on my computer :/

    As you may or not be aware, I've also recreated those repaints in Fernbus (At least for the ComfortClass) to boost the realism :)

  • Speaking about Bus simulation : at the end of the post called "If Fernbus had a child", I already told about the history of my passion.

    If someone is interested in this, it 's at the end of the post.

    If Fernbus Simulator had a child ...

    So, in fact, it seems that I waited about 25 years on a game like Fernbus. :-)

    Daniel F : I see two possibilities:

    1 : the passenger view can be set up in a screen which show the bus blueprint (=plan= design, don't know what's the best english word for what I mean.)

    or (and for far develpments...)

    2: As multiplayer passenger, which a feature that you'll have in the Bus.

    Currently, we don't know if the vehicle DLC of Fernbus/TBS will be compatible with the bus. In the other hand, Chris wrote one time in the forum that a multiplayer Fernbus (as Fernbus evolution or Fernbus2) is in the plans (but not for tomorrow!). what is sure : TML has a lot of ideas for Fernbus and their other games. some features are priority. For exemple, the bug correction seems to be the current priority and the current workflow for bug report/correction has been improved, and I'm really impressioned by this.

    Dynek  Don_Castor : the possibility of sitting in an IA bus already exists in OMSI, but I don't konw if a lot of player use this feature .

  • Your story is unique in addition 25 years of waiting for the bus simulator is a unique matter and patience:)  Yannick [FR] .

    So this critical error is a priority and it also introduces new improvements functions for the game like vegetation eg.

    The passenger side view in the side window is a very good and expected function.

    For me, creating an additional game FERNBUS 2 would not be beneficial because with this engine with so much effort of the creator and the community. all the time you can develop this game Fernbus Coach Simulator with new content which is already done. It is a pity to abandon what is good, future.

    you can introduce many new things to the fernbus like new maps, new vehicles, economical function, and many more ideas here have already been presented in the forum.

  • My subject and I am allowed to write about everything, because I can not write a language barrier in German themes, but I read you there. Adlerauge91

    you can say what exactly you are discussing with Gil so that every player will understand this because I do not understand much there.

    modifications to the Fernbus games, Tourist bus simulator and THE bus will be or not. will they be painting bus . how it all looks and will look like, this is a curious topic for many.write in a language not for a programmer but for a simple one user.

  • Martin 40 Bus In the german threat about the modding tools I'd wrote, I was a beta member in past. The modding tools beta had a many of bugs, e.g. very high performance problems, many RAM and CPU usage and other things. Then I'd wrote that I think the release date was change, becuase TML create objects for "The Bus" in future and will these put in the modding kit. The programmer code was a joke. This says TMl will be release a perfect product (tools) in future.

    I hope my English text will helps you to understand. ;D

    Edit: here the English version of the joke:

    TML knows that the modding tools have errors and will fix them;

    TML knows which people use the modding tools in past;

    TML want release a perfect modding kit;

    TML want make all members happy;

    TML do not want negative rewards for her kit;


    { problem;analyse;programming;release;good_job; };

    Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

  • I understand very well english, some also understood in German, I only preferred to ask you here because German translator makes mistakes and therefore I wrote to you here instead of in the German topic. It's good that TML understands that the right tool develops and prefers to spend good will be refined and will be for most players.

    If it would be bad or with a very high specification, it would be for a small group of people, and that's not the point. Thank you for the description of the situation, a very beneficial , and I am sure TML of a good level will release tools. I guess everything is understandable to everyone anymore, we can go to the topic of photo, movie and discussions about simulators.

  • Today, the route from Alhbeck - Schwerin interesting landscape. :):thumbup:

    The time of the movie, minutes from 36 to 42, I used the camera lookout top in the Neoplan bus, an interesting view :)

    Bus Neoplan-repaint my project. Flag of Poland:) , execution master bus painting Yannick [FR] :)