(EN) BETA Update 1.3 - available for testing

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    We've made some additional changes and fixes to the upcoming Update 1.3, like updated SUV and Service Car driving physics and other bug fixes.

    You can check the changelog for BETA Update 1.3.25143 below.


    We've enabled Tourist Bus Sim Update 1.3 for public testing. You cab have a look at some of the images on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/gam…/edit/1726475446439029807

    Detailed information can be found in the Changelog below.


    This is a BETA Update. Please, be aware that this version can cause technical problems and/or may cause instabilities of your computer system.

    How to install the beta version of the update?

    Quite easily:

    1. In your Library you click with the right mouse button on the entry of the "Tourist Bus Simulator"
    2. In the drop-menu you click on the entry "Properties"
    3. In the window "Tourist Bus Simulator - Properties" you select the tab "BETAS"
    4. In the field "Select the beta you would like to opt into:" select the entry "beta-"
    5. Now you can close the window and the beta version of the update should download right away
    6. After downloading the update you can start the Tourist Bus Simulator via the "PLAY" button
    7. In the main menu should now be the corresponding version number of the beta version of the update and you can test the update



    BETA Update 1.3.24913


    The following have either been fixed or changed:


    • Preparations for DLC VDL Futura FHD2
    • Mileage and time in tachograph are not updating correctly when using Fast Travel
    • New mouse control mode added: Steering only

    User Interface

    • Preparations for DLC VDL Futura FHD2
    • Repaint description text length covers "Buy"-button
    • Some minor typos in certain localisations
    • Some texts covering buttons or checkboxes in certain localisations
    • Untranslated text strings
    • Retarder symbol is now shown in the minimap when Retarder is in use
    • Some incorrect speed limits showing in navigation


    • Preparations for DLC VDL Futura FHD2
    • New weather system added (note, it'll be rather dry nonetheless, due to the climate zone)
    • New lighting system added
    • Updated rain effect on front shield of all busses
    • ComfortClass HD: Third axles have an incorrect amount of wheels
    • ComfortClass HD: Frame of the driver window shows a texture artefact
    • ComfortClass HD: Transparency of front shield
    • ComfortClass HD: Unable to continue driving out of a bus stop in Arcade Mode

    We hope you'll already enjoy the beta version of this upcoming update and we're looking forward to your feedback.


    BETA Update 1.3.25143


    The following have either been fixed or changed:

    • Updated SUV and Service Car driving physics
    • Service Car: Spare Tire not properly attach to bodywork
    • Casillas del Angel: Collision with awning
    • Vans can get stuck at a wall at the junction in Lajares
    • Deactivated collision of certain minor props (e.g. awnings and clothing racks)
    • ComfortClass: Buttons on the dashboard light up without running engine
    • Floating assets at the depot
    • The sound of rain falling on the roof of a bus is also audible inside rooms until the vehicle disappears

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  • I must admit that the list of changes and works is really very large, thank you very much, I will be testing when I download and report Gil mk0 :) good work, thank you TML STUDIOS.

    Kuzma [27RUS] - right mouse , Tourist bus simulator and BETA tab, i beta look photo.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • The VDL bus is not yet on sale, the entire contents of the update is to test the changes described in the game. The bus VDL will appear I think so this month.

    TML STUDIOS will inform about it.

    DLC VDL FUTURA FHD2 - you will be able to buy it at the steam store in the Aerosoft store Kuzma [27RUS]  

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Very good news and large update, I am surprise. I am very grateful especially for new mause control mod with steering only. I wish it since release, this highly improve gameplay. Thanks for it developers!

    PS for long future: second wish, which I miss, is possibility create public lines with time departure (trips in game) by player. Every bus company can make own lines and timetables. Than this will be best bus simulator game.


  • I'm with this Beta installed soon I'll test.

    Wonder, they are doing the preparation for the VDL so its launching is next. Great news. :):thumbup:

    I have a suggestion: It would be interesting if it had a service where we created our own regular routes from city to city and tourist routes, being able to choose any points scattered on the map (I see many points (bus stop) on the road and many never had the pleasure of using it. them).

    As if it were an extra service developed in my company.

    I know that in the game if you have pre-defined lines, but choosing the places that we want to pass is a good thing.

    If it is turistic places could have some chores to do as confirmation of arrives, take photos etc ...

    At the airport, the place of embarkation and disembarkation should be varied.

    The location variation would be less repetitive stopping at the same spot always more being a big place. This model of road is the most used in my country.

  • I checked the route at night , in the daytime lighting seems to be correct light and other elements mentioned even though the whole game is not checked ,short time. mouse control, you can reduce the sensitivity a bit too quickly, the steering wheel rotates fast

    The FPS level is similar to a fernbus, meaning 40 would want more:), I think the update game is very good, I will make movie tomorrow new route.

    how to change the weather rain the fog I do not know please answer, I do not see these options:/

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Extensive stains are visible straight ahead of us as we look as a driver.:

    In the picture I marked these places.

    During the day you can also see the dirt view at straight, for example, when we are in the office:

    I changed the version to "no BETA" (1.2) and the view is clean:

    Maybe the driver has dirty glasses on the nose ?? ;)