The BUS and Epic Games Store.

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  • Guys, let's discuss a very important issue. The future game The BUS may become the exclusive in the Epic Games Store. This of course has not yet been decided, but it may well happen. Will this circumstance prevent you from buying The BUS in the future? How do you react to this? For example, in Russia now the majority of negative attitudes towards the Epic Games Store. But for developers, this is the best option compared to Steam. Epic Games Store takes a lower percentage of sales, which in the future will have a good effect on TML-Studios games. Two sides, players will want to see the game on Steam because they are used to it and it has more funktsionala, on the other hand, developers who want to get more money for their work. Question in the forehead, will you buy The BUS if it will be sold in the Epic Games Store?

  • The game is very interesting, it has many cool content, it's a city simulator and it has multiplayer. company management and much more:)

    It's interesting how colleagues from your forum in Russia write about this matter , inform us.

    On the site TML STUDIOS I would not leave the expensive steam store because I have a bad feeling about the number of sales data why I am already writing

    the community of players not only from Poland is very attached to the steam store, in Poland no one really knows whom I know from the epic game store, maybe he has a lot of advantages about what Timo informed us, but the division of photo exchange of games that I personally run in steam is negative for me, membership cards. For my knowledge, without having an epic, this is a worse solution for players with certainty, and better for TML STUDIOS is obvious, I personally am in favor of the steam store option, no additional program, login is a very interesting topic in English, Thank you very much for this subject in English Maximus

    in recent Gil news I could read about good sales of TML STUDIOS products for many countries. All the time there was a direction of the developer, which suddenly happened that you want to place games there epic store . If players are treated seriously and their goal is good, you should do a poll and let the community decide where the game can be placed so you can do it, the publisher can also adapt to it. do not see any problem here. As a player representing Polish players, I will say our position.

    We prefer the THE BUS game in the steam store.

    If we are forced to go to the epic shop, of course we will buy a simulator because we like buses, but for us it will be worse playing there like in steam where we have friends.

    I personally prefer the game in steam, but if I am forced to buy THE BUS in Epic games store, I will also buy it - I will not give up my passion for beautiful simulator bus that the game will be in a different store.

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  • How can I say? Steam has a much larger amount of user and the majority of TML game players prefer the Steam, so The Bus would have more buyer if it is saled on Steam. Steam more like a social platform which enable you to share mods, screenshots, comments and etc with other players, Epic Store is just a store, most of the social communication function and other function it lack make it cannot be compared to Steam.

    A more serious point you guys may haven't know: Epic banned our China region from buying games from his store. Though there's some way to solve this problem, this gonna be very difficult.

  • How can I say? Steam has a much larger amount of user and the majority of TML game players prefer the Steam, so The Bus would have more buyer if it is saled on Steam. Steam more like a social platform which enable you to share mods, screenshots, comments and etc with other players, Epic Store is just a store, most of the social communication function and other function it lack make it cannot be compared to Steam.

    A more serious point you guys may haven't know: Epic banned our China region from buying games from his store. Though there's some way to solve this problem, this gonna be very difficult.

    everything is in favor of the steam store, the market of players from China, so many people would be blocked, you can not let this happen, please let the game go to the steam store. MBO530

    it is possible to introduce a higher price for rich countries, for example, for Poland, not 102 PLN and 125 PLN, then TML STUDIOS will be satisfied

  • Maximus

    Changed the title of the thread from “The BUS fnd Epic Games Store.” to “The BUS and Epic Games Store.”.
  • Yes, I will buy The Bus even if it is only released in the Epic store. At the end of the day, I want to play a game I have been waiting for months/years regardless of the store it is offered. However, I understand that players want Steam because they are used to it and Epic is disliked by many players because of the exclusive deals.

  • summing up some of our comments, it would be good to leave your productions in steam, I hope that this topic will give a lot of information TML STUDIOS, where we prefer to play THE BUS, I offered a price of PLN 20 higher in Poland for the benefit of players and TML STUDIOS

    Maximus present the position and survey of players from Russia also here;)

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  • Epic Games is not the best store.Recently there have been rumors about Epic stealing data without user's permission.Steam asks for your permission.Steam has workshop.discussions.screenshots and more.I prefer Steam over Epic Games Store,

  • I still have one idea for the developer- all the time TML products are sold in the steam store, you need to talk to them about the discount for TML STUDIOS, Tom will talk to steam, and more than once he did different things. That is why it is worth negotiating cheaper margins there as well as 18 percent or simply to bear the price of the game, but it would be important in steam. This is a great advantage, for example, I can broadcast live games and advertise the game I watch my friends, why give up the best platform that has the best features. I have big doubts if the popularity of that store will be bigger than in steam.

    companies that produce racing games and simulators are in steam there are no known good games in epic store , it is just a store, nothing is offered to the player, steam - here the workshop and much more. Aerosoft also prefers steam, all those companies and games that are in epic store , will quickly leave them. because the truth is that steam today has the greatest potential.

    very important matter the whole world of players is present in steam and therefore the sale of TML STUDIOS games will be definitely bigger than in the epic game store.

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  • Epic Games owns Unreal Engine - which TML are using, it has a pretty sleek Store, and since all of my games are already jumbled around different platforms, I wouldn't mind if The BUS was released exclusively on the Epic Games platform. Many bigger game publishers are actually leaving the Steam platform and moving to others. It might be because of how much money Steam is actually taking away from publishers. Of course, Steam has by far the highest player base, so I'm not sure about the profits. But because Epic Games has far less games on the platform, would more people actually notice The BUS? :/ If yes, than it would definitely be a positive thing for TML Studios :) Me, and probably many other people - like those above, would buy The BUS no matter the platform as we want to play and support TML's games.

  • But because Epic Games has far less games on the platform, would more people actually notice The BUS? :/

    That is all a question of advertisement: With Trailers on different (social media) platforms (as long as they exist in this form in Europe, but that's an other issue:lol:) there can be gained lots of interested people. But mostly it'll be Aerosoft's task to make the game popular (in my opinion): Even though my expectations on that publisher aren't that high, they maybe will wake up some time and do something in order to make TML products more popular, e. g. by releasing retail versions of DLC's, games and setting ads (emphasis on "maybe").

  • This is what Russian players have said about the Epic Games Store. The community was divided into two camps, the first plovina was told that they would still buy the game if it would be sold exclusively at the Epic Games Store, the second half flatly refuses to buy anything at Epic Games Store. Last night I launched a vote, while not everyone voted, but it’s already clear how the community was divided. There is even an opinion that it is better to pay more for the game, but she would be on Steam. They talk about the functionality of Steam and want all the games to be in the same launcher. But there are other opinions, players want TML Studios to make more money, which means they can expand their studio and do more and faster. There are people who do not care where to buy. There is no definite answer.

    My opinion, it's time to kick Gabe's fat ass. Maybe then he will move. As a result, competition will have a good effect for everyone, both players and developers. Valve was very relaxed, there were no strong competitors on the market and they stopped doing nothing but skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and bad Artifact. They simply collect money from the developers and put it in their pockets, without doing anything to improve Steam, it turns into a real trash can, where it is already difficult to find a good game in a heap of garbage and it is very difficult for small studios to promote their games. Their games simply do not see people. Now it is very important that Epic Games Store is not bent in this fight. Their main profit comes from Fortnite, and if students stop playing this game, then Epic Games Store may have problems. Also, Gabe has a trump card that he can get at any time, this is Half-Life 3. But for this you need to put a lot of pressure on Valve. It is very interesting to watch this fight, in fact, now the game industry is being redistributed, Epic Games Store, Steam, Google Stadia, Microsoft, Sony and others, everyone wants to snatch a bigger piece. We, the players can only observe with interest how it all ends. No matter where The BUS is sold, I will support the developers here and on the forum and in Russia in the community.:)

    The first line in the vote - Yes, buy it.

    The second line in the vote - No, I will not buy, for me it is important that the game was on Steam.

  • Very good answer for you and the players Russian, I think that the competition is good but all game manufacturers should unite and write a letter to the valve that we will cease to be in your store if profits do not go down to eg 10 percent, then there was a success for the developer. The best solution because players' opinions are divided is the fact that the game appeared in 2 stores because TML STUDIOS will then earn more money, and if only it gives you 1 store they think it will be worse, everyone from wiaodmo forum will buy a game not depending on the store ,but others are not necessarily.

    the future of games and store epic games does not have to be the way they plan it, however, the steam functionality is better, the tools and much more.

    I spoke the same as you Maximus please give a higher price of the game and leave it also in the steam, many players will buy it, and others will buy it in the epic game store. You have to keep in mind that a lot of players do not use the epic game store, please see where SCS locates games in steam because it has a big sale here.

    We are missing one case. TML STUDIOS should be more advertising their games in the movie version, there are talented people who can do such films. Why do not you use it on the internet or youtube is the basis for the products to see more players and bought on an in-house TML channel you can also give it. We are wondering many players why you do not use the best form of advertising products in the form of movie.

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  • Absolutely my opinion Maximus: Competition is a very important aspect for players as well as for developers. Until now Valve hasn't been under pressure because of any competitor, and they have the privilege to make the prices as high as they want (as long as customers still accept those prices). Of course the price aspect won't change if more developers move to other platforms at first, but the fact that they get more money for their sold games will improve the gaming market sustainably.

  • Please talk to players from Brazil, for example, I know two who can not afford to buy games. That's why it's good if the epic store would give people the opportunity to buy cheaper games and enjoy. Germany is a rich country, the economy can afford to buy games, The Poland player , not everyone can also buy expensive games and give the opportunity to everyone in the world to buy and enjoy, 2 stores I consider the best solution. this must be a TML product movie ad that gives you a lot of benefits, I do not have to talk about it. I agree with the whole statement of my colleague TheBeaver

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  • Here are Sweeney's answers to some of the most pressing questions:

    No, there is no DRM in the entire store, although game developers can add their own.

    No, Epic does not plan to add social components, such as streaming games or forums.

    Yes, Epic will help programmers to use online features in their games (probably such as chat, association and saving in the cloud, although they have not been mentioned by name).

    Yes, Epic Store will offer refunds - initially through customer service, but soon there should be an automatic 14-day return policy without asking questions.

    Yes, it will be available outside of the United States, in "most countries in the world, except in China and where it is prohibited by US law, such as North Korea and Iran."

    However, there are big drawbacks, as you can see the lack of streaming games , what I personally do and what a friend from China wrote, the lack of opportunities to buy and run games in China MBO530 , for this reason, even is necessary for this large player Chine -store game steam-

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  • Martin's say is right, just take the Detroit: Become Human as example. Me, and most of my friends love this game. But after we know that it is Epic Only, we choose to give it up. Yep I have the method to buy games from Epic Store but here comes the second problem which is the most serious one: Epic's games are much more expensive in China, Steam set us in a low-price region. So Epic games price would be nearly twice time higher than Steam. These two issue make our Chinese players abandoned this store.

    I also admit Bever's Idea, two-store solution would be great. As you guys know, most of the Epic account owners just because they play The Fortnite, some of these people may haven't own a Steam account. So these users may be a new buyer group for TML studio. And there're few games on Epic store now, new games hang on the page must raise more people attention. But, Steam is still the largest market for TML.

    OK we've said a thousand words, now the truth is: determining which store to publish is still the problem of Aerosoft. But I just noticed the publisher of Rennsteig DLC is TML Edition. Is that means something...?:/

  • But I just noticed the publisher of Rennsteig DLC is TML Edition. Is that means something...?:/

    That would explain why snapart mentioned that only the Steam-release is save, and why Aerosoft does not even answer my question.:/

    Maybe TML plans to become independent from Aerosoft, who knows?:/

  • I did not know the situation in China that you have so expensive in the Epic store MBO530 , always appears as me and no one else.

    I appreciate your work for painting buses to DLC BUNDESLIGA for translations, for testing game. Like you here on the forum my person , I'm trying to help player and think about all the players. Probably the sale will be in the store steam which would certainly please most, the idea of 2 stores was of course TheBeaver is a very good solution. Rennsteig DLC is TML Edition this will explained colleagues from TML STUDIOS, whether they will be the publisher this and other products.

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