The BUS and Epic Games Store.

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  • Guys, let's discuss a very important issue. The future game The BUS may become the exclusive in the Epic Games Store. This of course has not yet been decided, but it may well happen. Will this circumstance prevent you from buying The BUS in the future? How do you react to this? For example, in Russia now the majority of negative attitudes towards the Epic Games Store. But for developers, this is the best option compared to Steam. Epic Games Store takes a lower percentage of sales, which in the future will have a good effect on TML-Studios games. Two sides, players will want to see the game on Steam because they are used to it and it has more funktsionala, on the other hand, developers who want to get more money for their work. Question in the forehead, will you buy The BUS if it will be sold in the Epic Games Store?

    If it shows up on epic you have lost a sale I will not give any money to epics store or launcher. I love TML games but just no not worth my time or money. Epic games is just garbage.

  • Now back to the subject. I do not tolerate EPIC. I prefer to have all titles in one place. I hope that The Bus will also be on the STEAM platform.

  • Why are tml realising on epic games store the bus.

    Here is a list of bad things about epic games

    • They have terrible security (80 million accounts were exposed last week)
    • They have terrible customer service (just google it)
    • Games are more expensive on Epic due to regional pricing
    • You can't play games offline
    • Limited social features
    • No screenshots
    • No controller support
    • They broke EU laws
    • Scummy tactics (you had to tick a box to opt out of emails etc)
    • They are partially owned by Tencent (a company that sells user data to the Chinese government)
    • No achievements
    • No cloud saves
    • No game forums (many people went to steam for subnautica support)
    • Epic make you pay the transaction fee when purchasing games.
    • They are anti-consumer (They pay for exclusive rights to games to try and force you to use their store)
    • They can refuse refunds even if you meet the criteria
    • No reviews
    • No Linux suppor

    Please raise your hand if you rather buy the bus from epic than steam.

    NOTE: this list is not made by me, copied from reddit.

    Its a risk to go with my bus! Do you take it? :fernbus::fbs-sign-224:

  • We can ensure to all of you that we won't limit the availability of our games to just one platform, except for Steam. So, our games will be always be availabe on Steam and as retail in stores thanks to our publisher AeroSoft. And then they will eventually become also available on other platforms, like Epic Games Store. Where you buy our games is up to you.

    PiterBiscuit page 3 #54. So yeah, its an tml official information :)

  • Thank you for this info. I really did not know, I thought what does it matter where we buy. But it does matter, I've just so used to Steam's seamless work.

    ( edit ) Guys why do you attack Martin 40 Bus?? Please, men, stop that, it just makes you to look like bad guys. Martin is a liked fellow here.

    I <3 Fernbus & Tourist bus simulators:)

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    Guys, please stop! We ask that you simply stay on topic and respect other peoples opinions. Please remember, that you agreed to your terms of service. Thank you!

    I agree, thank you Alex_S the situation is under control in the forum must be good atmosphere and in this topic.

    Greetings, have a nice day :)

  • I guess, it's time to close this thread with a clear statement:

    The Bus will be released on Steam for sure. And maybe on other digital stores and very probably in retail stores too as well ... Period

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    Closed the thread.