The Updated Fernbus Graphics Engine is Stunning

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  • I just recently started playing Fernbus again after it got the major graphics overhaul, and the game is stunning looking now. Such a major improvement - the Switzerland DLC especially is gorgeous, but the entire game looks more polished, and at times almost photorealistic. Great job - I didn't expect there to be this much continued development on the game. I randomly discovered it on Steam one day a year or two ago (admittedly, the name is a bit terrible) and I was hooked as soon as I played it. It's gotten even better since then. Thanks for all the improvements.

  • I am from the beginning of the game Fernbus and I agree with you that the game has made great progress in lighting graphics, functions are constantly being improved are new engine capabilities and updates. There are still a lot of great changes and functions ahead of us, pedestrians and passengers on the streets, trains, car washes, economic system, new maps, new buses. It's a beautiful simulator and TML STUDIOS works all the time on its improvements because this is what the gaming community expects. Once again I would like to thank TML STUDIOS for the work for both games.

    there will also be a manual gear , clutch for steering racing wheels that makes me very happy:lol:

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Change your post and write that "this is planned by TML-Studios", because if someone writes that the word "it will be", it means that they have knowledge confirmed by TML-Studios with 100% certainty. Pay attention to the difference between planning and confirmation that it will be done.

    That's why I want to know the opinion of TML-Studios, what is the certainty that it will be as you write.

  • It will be because such works are planned and I do not have to change anything. TML will confirm it if he wants to.

    If I know what will be done and this is not a secret, I can write about it.

    manual gear .clutch and everything I wrote is on the TML STUDIOS work list

    juls2008 do not make posts senseless, test the game better and show how we do it actively.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • We know that manual gearbox and clutch is wanted by many users but we cannot give any confirmation that it will be implemented.

    I encourage you to enter this I can test it is fantastic to drive with steering wheels and manual gearbox, clutch . Expectations big people just for this beautiful ride.

    I am asking you to enter the Beta work repair , journal because many entries are omitted errors. This is why we test the games to give errors and improve it TML STUDIOS . Such a journal and communication is a simple matter to facilitate the work of all of us.

    Please answer which functions will be introduce:

    1.pedestrians and passengers

    2.economics system washes and trains on the streets closed barrier map and new bus

    the whole concerns the game Fernbus, concerns a lot of players , nice if you answer precisely Mathias , thank you and best regards

  • It is very interesting what TML-Studios will say about other points. Will the economy be in the Fernbus Simulator? Many people want to see something similar to the economy, like in Tourist Bus Simulator, but already in the Fernbus Simulator. :)

  • I do not know why he does not answer at all Mathias , :/he knows well that he is interested players he wrote only about the manual chest but what about those points which I gave a strange, do not have to hide it just to say we wait .

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Present on the forum, since yesterday he could answer what takes 5 minutes maybe he will answer us today is one of the team that is still active here all the time. to forum and answers in 5 minutes and each player is wondering about points of importance here one must be willing to understand and not translate with Easter.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Dear Alex_S , I did not know the office hours offices. after the easter holidays for sure we will get answers here as well as in the technical department support. Thank you for the explanation and wish you happy Easter holidays.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • Graphics are still way behind ETS2/ATS. Environments are very low quality, cannot see anything on the road, mirrors do not work, cannot see signs from distance. Graphically it's average at best.

  • Hope everyone had a great Easter.

    Lately I have little free time to enter the Forum and enjoy the news of Fernbus and Tourist Bus.

    Maybe this week will be able to test betas in their upgraded versions.

    So I noticed the features of DirectX 12 have been implemented in Fernbus. My question is if the Tourist Bus is also being tested with DX12?

    About the discussion regarding future changes is something difficult to know, TML should have good information collected here from the forum.

    We have the old request for manual transmission, and a better eco-system for Fernbus and many other incredible suggestions from various Forum members.

    At the moment I noticed that TML is worried about improving the performance and effects of the game. Surely it's time to focus on this and do the preparation for the new DLC VDL.

    On the graphical comparison between ETS2 / ATS with Fernbus / Tourist is totally unnecessary. SCS uses the Prism3D graphics engine for almost a decade and TML with Unreal Engine 4 to 3 years. The difference is Brutal between the two in terms of both engine and tool knowledge.

    And the development of ETS2 has already gone from 7 years.

    The current version is different from the initial one and the Prism3D graphics engine is at its limit in SCS games. :/