(EN) Update 1.3.25160 available!

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  • Update 1.3 has been released and adds new lighting and weather systems and updated the SUV and Service Car driving physics.

    Detailed information can be found in the Changelog below.




    The following have either been fixed or changed:


    • Updated SUV and Service Car driving physics
    • Preparations for DLC VDL Futura FHD2

    • Mileage and time in tachograph are not updating correctly when using Fast Travel
    • New mouse control mode added: Steering only

    • Casillas del Angel: Collision with awning
    • Vans can get stuck at a wall at the junction in Lajares
    • Deactivated collision of certain minor props (e.g. awnings and clothing racks)

    User Interface

    • Preparations for DLC VDL Futura FHD2
    • Repaint description text length covers "Buy"-button
    • Some minor typos in certain localisations
    • Some texts covering buttons or checkboxes in certain localisations
    • Untranslated text strings
    • Retarder symbol is now shown in the minimap when Retarder is in use
    • Some incorrect speed limits showing in navigation


    • Preparations for DLC VDL Futura FHD2
    • New weather system added (note, it'll be rather dry nonetheless, due to the climate zone)
    • New lighting system added


    Clear with mist


    Light Clouds

    Light Clouds with mist


    Rain with mist


    • Updated rain effect on the front shields of all busses

    • ComfortClass HD: Third axles have an incorrect amount of wheels
    • ComfortClass HD: Frame of the driver window shows a texture artefact
    • ComfortClass HD: Transparency of front shield
    • ComfortClass HD: Unable to continue driving out of a bus stop in Arcade Mode
    • ComfortClass: Buttons on the dashboard light up without running engine
    • Service Car: Spare Tire not properly attach to bodywork
    • Floating assets at the depot


    • The sound of rain falling on the roof of a bus is also audible inside rooms until the vehicle disappears

    And here are some additional images

  • Fog, rain, the bus looks great. Certainly many colleagues expect the first route to be a beautiful VDL bus,

    a very good 3 D bus model congratulates you Gil ;):thumbup: I think personally that this is the best model in games that has been made, it has the best sound level, realism of physics, the model itself and the cockpit look great. :fernbus::fbs-sign-330:

    On the 25th of April, when publishing the VDL, I will have such a nice surprise especially for TML STUDIOS and Gil as well as the community. I think it will appeal to you.:lol: It will be a relaxation reward for the work you do for us. Kind regards and thank you

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  • An incomprehensible thing happened to me, I chose the route, Casa Blanca - Club Miastral, missed the calendar until the day of the designated route, but the navigation on the map did not appear, I looked on the map where I had to go, went and put people on the bus, went to the destination, the navigation did not appear, along the way I received a message that I missed this flight. How so? Is this a mistake or have I done something wrong?

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