(EN) Hotfix 1.20.25116 - Released

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  • Hi everyone,

    we've just released Hotfix 1.20.25116. This Hotfix fixes some issues with the upcoming DLC Rennsteig as well as some performance issues of Fernbus Sim.

    Also, we made starting Fernbus Sim with DirectX 12 in BETA-Mode for testing too. PC systems with up to date hardware can experience an improved performance with DX12.

    Detailed information can be found in the Changelog below.



    Changelog 1.20.25173

    The following have either been fixed or changed:

    • DLC Rennsteig: Gameplay and Environment fixes
    • Performance update
    • DX12 available as BETA Mode
    • Environment fixes
    • DLC VDL Futura FHD2: Passenger complain about reading lights although reading lights are enabled
    • Passengers complain about A/C Temperature after resting, although it is running on 22°C
    • Ticket Check: Some invalid destinations are wrong (e.g. Stadium, Shop, etc,)
    • Highway Construction Road Material fixed
    • Incorrect collision of a specific type of bridge
  • Fernbus 1.20.25173 - DX12 Feature Feedback:

    Tested for about 4 days:- Feedback is below.

    - Extremely unstable, although it’s not crashing, it’s causing severe game lag/stuttering, which is odd because DX12 has about a 5-7 FPS increase over DX11, but that’s traded in for increased instability, DX11 plays with no/minimal lag at about 30 FPS.


    Continue to use DX11 until performance issues are sorted out.

    Kind regards.

  • Update 1.20.25173 - Bugs:

    - bridge fault on highway 37 between Kaiserslautern and Mannheim (seems to be more prevalent when travelling from Kaiserslautern to Mannheim) *Screenshot Attached Below*, road surface on a bridge causing incorrect collisions/Steering Misbehaviour on Player's Coach and also AI to hit a invisible wall, become stuck and causing more collisions between player's coach, AI coaches and other AI vehicles.

    previously known bugs:

    - fatal error upon startup of game (support ticket was opened and response was "fix coming in 1.21 update")

    mk0 - could you please respond to this, confirming the bridge fault I have reported has been replicated and will be fixed in 1.21 update, also not asking for a date, but any vague timeframe for a 1.21 Beta would be most appreciated.

    Marcin26677 - Can you find and confirm this bug also, just to serve as proof and also the fact it does exist.

    Kind Regards.

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