Frame rate very low again, what is wrong?

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  • i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz / ASUS 1070 Ti / ASUS SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 2 / 16GB Kingston DIMM DDR3 / SSD drives /Windows 10 /

    Not the sharpest edge machine, but not slow either.

    My Fernbus had performance problems a few weeks ago, then it was cured with a windows update. Now the problems are back.

    I'm having frame rates below 20 again. Most peculiar thing is, the graphics settings seem to affect very little to this problem. Frames drop after about 30 minutes driving. Below 20. If I have everything maxxed out and 2560x1440 resolution, frames drop from 40 to around 18. If I then lower the resolution to BELOW FULL HD, to 768 or like that, lower the settings from Epic to High, frames "rise" to... 20-21;(. HUH! There is something really broken in Fernbus. This is sad, makes me sad.

    This time, the stop - go - stop - go stuttering is not there though.

    I bought VDL DLC, I want to support this game. I have supported Fernbus since the beginning, the early access times. BUT, but, but... at times, this is so hard.

    I <3 Fernbus & Tourist bus simulators:)

  • Please report support- new ticket.

    should not be as few FPS as you describe whether the resolution in the game setting is 100 or how much?

    Performance is to be improved in subsequent updates Fernbus coach simulator, Tourist bus simulator

    I'm also with the game before the release, a lot has changed and it's worth being with this game all the time:):fernbus::fbs-sign-330:Be patient, it will be an improvement, write to support. VDL-bus fantastic ;)

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • It seems to them that the main problem of bad preformance is the mirror

    Yes, that is an important factor: Some time ago I switched the HUD-mirrors off, and the game works more fluently than before. Very recommendable for users with fps-problems.:)

  • Martin 40 Bus , I agree, Fernbus has been worth playing despite its problems. The only real coach simulator for PC.

    Hrvac , TheBeaver, just because of this reason I never use HUD mirrors. Less mirrors is better.

    Tested DX12 beta. Worse for me, stuttering stopped the game for 0,1 - 1,0 seconds at completely irregular times.

    Tested the beta without DX12, this was best for me. I could play somehow, but the framerate was 90% of the time around 22 - 25. AND finally Fernbus crashed after 33 minutes.

    This was not my day in the Fernbusland, but I still love it. Because I like coach driving. Citybus games are not for me, trucking is less exciting.

    Thanks for your time and comments guys.

    EDIT: A ticket... Nobody ever answers my tickets, but... perhaps I now try with TML, who knows

    I <3 Fernbus & Tourist bus simulators:)

  • Hrvac and Martin, all of you... it was the mirror settings!! I lowered the mirror graphics to the second lowest option and the game is cured!!

    What I cannot forgive to myself is that I did not remember to check the mirror settings before visiting here My poor brains are not aging without consequenses it seems😳

    THANK You guys😅

    I <3 Fernbus & Tourist bus simulators:)

  • What I cannot forgive to myself is that I did not remember to check the mirror settings before visiting here My poor brains are not aging without consequenses it seems😳

    THANK You guys😅

    Don't say it's your fault, now the problem is resolved.;):lol:

    That's what this community is here for.^^

  • :/I have to come back to this topic again, because this case is still wondering me.

    This: What was the cause of of my frame rate dropping yesterday, because two or three days earlier Fernbus ran well without touching the mirror settings at all?

    Nothing was changed to my knowledge, but Fernbus performance dropped and I had to lower the mirror settings and few other settings. Strange.

    I <3 Fernbus & Tourist bus simulators:)