VDL luggage door warning sound - a bug?

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  • Hi guys and TML. Maybe I found a bug. If I open the luggage doors and the back door by pressing the control button while sitting in the cockpit, but then close them manually while walking outside, the bus warning system thinks they are still open. It starts the sound warning when I try to drive. Pressing the open/close button now, or locking the luggage doors does not help.

    Thanks for your time, thank you for reading:)

  • Actually the signal appeared as I opened the rear luggage door. In VDL it is not there, it is only the middle one, but the computer key triggered the signal, as I pressed the key again the signal died down

  • juls2008, yes but if I open the door with a computer key, then close it "manually" using the driver figure and mouse click, while walking outside, the game seems to think it is open still and plays the sound when start driving. Though the door IS closed as I can see.

    On the other hand, if opened with a key and closed with a key, no problem.

    EDIT: 'cos I can avoid it by using always the key to open and close, I can live with this, not a biggie.:)