Tourist Bus Simulator DLC?

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  • I created this theme in English, as this is a very important topic for Tourist Bus Simulator.

    I noticed that posts in the Tourist Bus Simulator community are less interesting than posts in the Fernbus Simulator. This can be seen in views, likes and comments. Then I decided to ask the players why this is happening and why the Tourist Bus Simulator is less interesting for them.

    And of all the answers, the most frequent was that it was the island that they quickly tired of. They wrote that the island is small and deserted, you can study it very quickly and because of this you no longer want to play Tourist Bus Simulator. TML-Studios said that they have no plans for a new island for the Tourist Bus Simulator, it seems to me that this is a mistake, the game needs a new island like air.

    I also asked which island the players would like to see in the game, considering that they were Russian players, the answer was Sakhalin. Let's also discuss how you would like to see a new island in the Tourist Bus Simulator? After all, he will sooner or later appear in the game.:)

  • I would love to see the Grand Canary Island appears in the game. Which is just located near the Fueteventura. ;)

    And if you're looking for a bigger island, Mallorca, or even Sardinia might be a great choice. But I'm not sure whether they would plan to make it outside the Canary Islands.

  • Very good areas interesting topic ,for me the game is just as good Tourist bus simulator as Fernbus, such a map is a nice thing if there is no mod so maybe TML will do this map but now are focused on many things and the map of France, not do everything at once let's wait I'm happy about the development of Fernbus . Then you can do these areas of the island what you say because it's a very good idea will develop the game and satisfy the players . Our conversations are read and analyzed by TML STUDIOS, it is also worth talking about everything.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup:

  • I think that TML should focus on developing Fernbus as it's their biggest and most ambitious project. Tourist Bus never had a planned map expansion and everything was released as promised. I don't mind new content for Tourist Bus, especially new features that both Tourist Bus and Fernbus can benefit from, but I would like the team to really make Fernbus the best simulator possible. New map expansions, like new islands, would be something nice of course, but it shouldn't be a priority imo, considering the size of their team. I also don't mind The BUS as it's also quite ambitious, and is much more different from Fernbus and Tourist Bus as these essentially share the same functions of a long-distance coach driver.

  • Tools for mods could help here, players could then create their own islands. Although there is one problem, the Unreal Engine is a very complex engine, I downloaded the mod tools from Bus Simulator 18 and realized that they need a very long time to understand and understand how they work. For example, Far Cry 5's map designer is very easy to use and understandable. If TML-Studios do something like this, it will be very cool.

  • In my opinion, building maps and buses by TML STUDIOS is the best solution to be seen perfectly after fernbus, besides playing THE BUS I want TML STUDIOS to further develop new buses and maps for Fernbus, tourist bus simulator because it does it best.

    A great bus ride Fernbus :) :fernbus::fbs-sign-330::thumbup: