Which bus do you prefer?

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  • My driving buses are classified as follows:





    Of course, every bus is different and I like.

    Ranking I have given the frequency of driving from 1 to 4 .

    VDL BUS - Very good model physics, very real sound, well-adjusted engine speed. Feel the drive of driving a real VDL bus :):thumbup:

    MAN LION COACH - Model nicely made, good engine speed, large window, good visibility, good sound, Good bus physics, good brakes, feel real MAN bus ride.

    SETRA - the model is nicely made, but I miss the correct adjustment of the engine speed is too slow and quickly brakes it requires sound improvement, and adding a license ,, I like the bus and I like to ride it

    Neoplan - An interesting double-decker bus shows the reality of driving, in principle, I would not change anything in it.

  • My favorite bus is the Neoplan Skyliner. If you distribute buses in places, it will turn out like this:

    1. Neoplan Skyliner

    2.VDL Futura FHD2

    3.MAN Lion's Coach

    4.Comfort Class HD.

  • My favourite bus is the Setra ComfortClass S 515 HD, because it's nice to look at, the interior and the cockpit are great, the sound's very realistic. And it is my favourite bus, also in real-life, but the other buses are also great and nicely developed:).

    This is my classification:

    1.: Setra ComfortClass HD

    2.: VDL Futura FHD2

    3.: MAN Lion's Coach and Lion's Coach C

    4.: Neopan Skyliner

  • Neoplan Skyliner

    Comfortclass HD

    MAN Lion's Coach

    VDL Futura FHD2

    Allow me to rank My Top Wish Bus to add in the future.

    Scania Touring HD

    VDL Futura FDD2

    Vanhool TX Altano

    Mercedes Benz Tourismo RHD 2019

  • My most picked coaches In-game:

    1. VDL Futura FHD2
    2. Comfort-Class HD
    3. MAN Lion's Coach
    4. Neoplan Skyliner

    My favourite coaches in-game mainly based on quality imo:

    1. VDL Futura FHD2
    2. Neoplan Skyliner
    3. MAN Lion's Coach
    4. Comfort-Class HD

    My favourite coaches in real-life based on DLCs:

    1. Comfort-Class HD (Setra to be precise)
    2. VDL Futura FHD2
    3. MAN Lion's Coach
    4. Neoplan Skyliner (never saw one irl so can't really tell)

    Coach addon wishlist:

    1. Mercedes-Benz Tourismo (new or old)
    2. Scania Irizar i8
    3. Scania Touring HD
    4. Vanhool TX Altano
  • Available favorites in the game:

    1 - ComfortClass

    2 - MAN Lion's Coach

    3 - Neoplan Skyliner

    4 - VDL

    ComfortClass for me is the most enjoyable model despite the lack of Setra licensing. The overall sound of the vehicle is good plus it is something that can be improved a bit more.

    The VDL I had little told, but I noticed that it is the model with more visual quality. I add that he has a good physique when we focus on impact linked to reactions to the terrain.

    MAN Lion's Coach dislikes me in the sounds that represent the engine, reduction and elevation of speed. Very out of the reality, I made several comparatives with the real vehicles and is very different.

    Besides, I really like this bus.

    Neoplan is a majestic vehicle very well portrayed, I like it despite playing little with it. I have no negative points so far.

    Now models that desire in the game:

    1 - Scania (Touring HD)
    2 - Volvo (9900, 9700, B11R, B8R)

    3 - Mercedes-Benz (Tourismo, K, RH / RH, M)

    4 - Irizar (i8, i6S, i6)

    5 - MAN (New - Lion's Coach)

  • thanks for the replies. Realy intresting to read.
    I tend to drive the Lion's coach because:
    A) I find the C varaint a little to big for the narrow villages
    B) I don't own any DLC

    So far it seems the VDL Futura FHD2 and the Comfort-Class HD are share are first place ont the "most liked" list.

    Keep the comments comming :)