Problem with keeping save repaint as before one saved game

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  • Wonder if anyone else have encountered same problem as me that if one save the drive and started the drive with one specific repaint of a bus and then saves the game and then return to load the save and then I find out that instead of the repaint I started the trip with somehow it now became a Flixbus repaint. Thankful if someone have an idea how to resolve this,could it be that I when starting Fernbus Simulator after having it closed down should go chose the orginal repaint used in save before loading the save or should I be able to trust that the repaint also included in the saved game?.


    Edit : after posting this I tried one of the possiable solutions and found out that if I go via Career and there change bus to the one I had in the saved drive before saving it and confirm and then go to saved games and load the save I get the bus I started my route with. It feels a bit overkill having to do that though